VentureGirls - Raising Entrepreneurial Girls To Be Tomorrow’s Leaders [Book Giveaway]

Empower young girls to see a rich open-ended future for themselves

"Allow us to introduce you to an entrepreneurial wonder; a creative genius who thinks outside of the box. 

She collaborates with her peers to solve problems and creates exciting new tools and products using the resources she has at hand. 

She’s visionary, creative, innovative, persistent, and—most importantly—unafraid to take risks along the way to get what she wants.

What is amazing about her is that she is only five years old. 

What is even more amazing is that she is your child."

This IS our child! This is our 5-year old and our 7-year old girl. Every. Single. Day. And we are amazed about what they can teach us and how they can awaken and bring back what we’ve forgotten and stored in the furthest corners of our brain. 

According to experts, young children are naturally brilliant at entrepreneurial skills, but far too often that genius is snuffed out. Their bold, imaginative powers are socialized-out by peer pressure and educated-out by a system designed to create the boundaries valued by the old world, not the new.

What if that didn’t happen to your kid…or any kid? What if there was a window in a child’s life when just the right dose of learning at the just right time could produce kids whose gifts were available for the rest of their lives? What could this new kind of kid—an un-diminished kid—become?

VentureGirls - Raising Entrepreneurial Girls To Be Tomorrow’s Leaders

In her book VentureGirls - Raising Entrepreneurial Girls To Be Tomorrow’s Leaders, Austin native Dr. Cristal Glangchai, PhD, outlines the challenge and the solution for equipping our children for today’s high-tech world. The answer is to tap into their natural creativity to empower them for life.

Dr. Glangchai’s non-profit organization, VentureLab, is based in San Antonio, TX, and has developed a teaching method that shows your child, by their own effort and participation, that the freedom and gifts of childhood make them powerful human beings with something to offer. It shows them they possess the creativity, the confidence, the energy, and the persistence to start making their dreams a reality—not in the future, but now!

VentureGirls is a timely and conversation-changing look at how to engage young women in the STEM fields. Dr. Glangchai argues that entrepreneurship is about more than starting companies—it’s both a skillset and a mindset; she shows us how fostering entrepreneurship in girls is a key part of raising strong, confident young women and giving them the tools to engage in the STEM fields. Filled with hands-on activities and practical advice, VentureGirls aims to give parents and educators the resources girls need to turn their dreams into realities.

About the Author

Dr. Cristal Glangchai, PhD, is a scientist, entrepreneur, and mentor with a passion for teaching and engaging girls in technology and entrepreneurship. She is the Founder/CEO of VentureLab, a non-profit that runs experiential learning programs in youth tech entrepreneurship. Dr. Cristal recently served as the Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship at Trinity University. Prior to that, she founded a nanotechnology drug delivery company and ran the “Idea to Product” program at the University of Texas at Austin.

As the female CEO of a tech startup, Cristal Glangchai, Ph.D. is outnumbered 20 to one. At Google, Twitter, and Facebook, women fill just ten to twenty percent of the technical jobs. And while career opportunities in science, technology, engineering and math have increased dramatically in the past twenty years, the achievement gap between men and women has only gotten wider. 

When Dr. Cristal Glangchai was growing up in Austin, she grew up in a home where her dad believed she could do anything, so he empowered his daughter to give her a leg up and never take a backseat to the boys. Being raised changing oil and playing with dolls set Cristal apart; she was able to unleash her imagination and, in her career, has played at the highest level, with no limitations. Or at least few limitations she could not overcome. Today she helps parents unlock that potential in their own daughters and sons.

About VentureLab

VentureLab was founded as an experiment to get girls interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) careers—since the problem of losing confidence and motivation had always been far worse for girls than for boys. They began by teaching them simple, practical entrepreneurial steps that we had learned to become successful women entrepreneurs ourselves. We let them come up with their own problem to solve, create a product, test it in a market, refine it, price it, and then produce it.

Soon they noticed something bigger was happening. The girls and their parents were telling us that many types of positive emotional and behavioral changes were happening. They were happier and more confident in school. They were less vulnerable to the negative influences that were saying they shouldn't, couldn't or can’t.

They were self-directed. They had become a new kind of kid. The kind of kid equipped and empowered to see a world of opportunities before them—and to boldly seize those opportunities!


This is what other readers have to say about VentureGirls and we cannot wait to read this book and show our girls the bright future that lies ahead of them.

“VentureGirls is a roadmap to a better future. Luz Cristal Glangchai moves us beyond gender bias to full engagement in STEM and entrepreneurial education. Her teaching connects girls to their mathematical, scientific, and entrepreneurial potential, empowering the young women of today to solve the problems of tomorrow, to serve and create markets, and to achieve new levels of innovation and insight. This is the future we all want.”

— David Anderson, President, Trinity University

“A VentureGirl is a girl with the creativity, cleverness, and courage to start her own business and pursue her dreams. Here’s hoping Luz Cristal Glangchai’s powerful book will help jumpstart the careers of some of the millions of VentureGirls the world so desperately needs.”

— David Cohen, founder and co-CEO, Techstars

“On the surface, this book is a master guide for turning millions more kids into entrepreneurs. But below the surface, it’s about how entrepreneurial learning shows every girl her most amazing self–the creativity, motivation, fearlessness and resilience she was born with. That may be Dr. Glangchai’s best contribution of all.”

— Bill Schley, author of The UnStoppables: Tapping Your Entrepreneurial Power

VentureGirls Book Launch

VentureGirls - Raising Entrepreneurial Girls To Be Tomorrow’s Leaders
(Harper Paperbacks original; ISBN: 9780062697554) goes on sale on May 8, 2018.

Dr. Glangchai will present her new book in Austin on May 9, 2018, 5:30-7:30pm at:

The Refinery
612 Brazil’s Street
Austin, TX 78701


We’re giving away (1) one copy of this exciting new book VentureGirls - Raising Entrepreneurial Girls To Be Tomorrow’s Leaders to one lucky reader.

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