Book Review: Martina Ballerina by Imelda Rose Sobiloff [Book Review + Giveaway]

A book for little dancers with big dreams

We love books and will be reviewing children’s books for you on a regular basis. Today's featured book is Martina Ballerina by Imelda Rose Sobiloff.

Having two girls who both love to dance, we can relate to this book and many of you can probably too.

Both of our girls went to a Mother’s Day Out program at a dance studio two days a week from 9:30am-1pm when they were 3-5 years old. The program included tap, ballet, tumbling, and arts and crafts. Both of them loved it and naturally declared that they wanted to be a ballerina when they grow up (our youngest even went a step further and wants to be a “singing ballerina”).

We also took the girls to the Austin Ballet to see The Nutcracker and Cinderella. While they did get a little antsy, they absolutely loved it.

So, the book Martina Ballerina was right up their alley. 

Martina Ballerina by Imelda Rose Sobiloff

The book is about little Martina who loves to dance. She dances in the kitchen while helping her Mom cook, in the grocery aisles, in her room, in the park, and even in her kindergarten classroom. One day, her Mom signs her up for ballet classes. At the beginning, her teacher is very pleased with her but gets frustrated after a while as Martina doesn’t listen and just does whatever she wants to do instead.

Her lack of discipline inspires her parents to take her to a ballet performance so that she can see what it means to be a real ballerina. Her parents feel confident that Martina had a better understanding of dance and the hard work involved.

At the next class, the director of the Nouvelle Ballet Troupe comes to Martina’s class in search a young lady to be featured in The Nutcracker. At the audition, Martina gives it her all, but she’s so excited that she adds a little jump here and there, wiggles her hips and sways like a belly dancer rather than a ballerina.

Martina must learn the hard way that ballerinas are calm, poised, and good at taking instruction. Will little Martina achieve her dream of making it onstage or will a difficult lesson and a setback make her want to give up?

Martina Ballerina is a great book for all energetic, carefree, but determined little boys and girls. It is easy to read and a perfect bedtime story that teaches them the importance in direction and guidance and in never giving up on your dreams.


We are giving away (1) one copy of Martina Ballerina to one lucky bookworm.

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Dance Studios in and around Austin

If your little one is a little “Martina Ballerina” and you're thinking of enrolling her/him into dance lessons, here are some dance studios that would love to introduce your child to the world of dance: Dance for Kids in the Austin Area.

Featured Dance Studio:

DANZA, Center for the Arts

12233 RR 620 N, suite 101, Austin, TX  78750
Classes: Classical Ballet

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