Frisbee® Sonic - Flies Like A Bird, Looks Like A Stingray [Giveaway]

A new way to Frisbee

We love playing Frisbee. We have all kinds of Frisbees at home.

When we started teaching our kids how to play, we started out with a soft Frisbee. Those are perfect: they are light, easy to grip, and soft, so they don’t hurt those little fingers (or other body parts!).

When the regular soft Frisbee became too boring, we switched to a giant soft Frisbee. The kids love this one.

Now, the kids have moved on to a normal Frisbee and they’re quite good at it.

Frisbee® Sonic

We've recently received a new kind of Frisbee to try. The Frisbee Sonic looks pretty cool and here’s how Wham-O describes it: “The square-like, sine wave shape mimics many things in nature. The alternating twists and turns of the design resemble a bird in flight as it spins through the air.” It’s true, it does look like a stingray in motion.

When we played with the Frisbee Sonic, we noticed that the edges are a little sharp and hard, so not ideal for little hands. We also thought it’s not as easy to grip as a regular Frisbee due to the wavy design.

The flight seemed to be a little wobbly and it didn’t land in the player’s hand as accurately as the normal Frisbee.

The Verdict

We are by no means professional Frisbee players and it might be just our lack of experience or talent, but we will stick to our normal Frisbees.

However, if you want to try out the Frisbee Sonic yourself, enter our giveaway below:


We're giving away (1) one Frisbee Sonic to one lucky reader.

How to enter: Like our Facebook page AND tag a friend on our Frisbee Sonic Facebook post (both actions required!). The giveaway ends at noon on September 3, 2018.

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