Fall Into Reading Giveaway

Enter for a chance to win children's books, crafts and fall themed goodies

Fall Into Reading Giveaway

It's fall y'all and the perfect time to fall into reading with your little ones! As we all know, one can never enough books, so here's your chance to stock up your bookshelves!

Enter to win 12 children's books

This is your chance to win 12 children's books, including our "My Friends and I" book, crafts, and fall themed goodies. The total prize value is $250. Books include:

  • "The Fish Who Wanted to Dance With the Stars" by Barbara H. Pinke
  • "Everybody's Good at Something" by Susan Elaine Rose
  • "Can a Tree Be Blue?" by Audrey Sauble
  • "Get Up, Lil Peter. Get up! by Tasche Laine
  • "Fallon Favors Fall" by Tiffany Obeng
  • "Katie Comma" by Bonnie Swanson
  • "I Can Handle It!" by Laurie Wright
  • "Together til the End - Ife's Incredible Friends" by Dr. Tee-Tee
  • "Turtles Have Secret Ears" by Kelly Tills 
  • "Little Digger's Big Garden" by Jill Woodward
  • "Princess Serafina and the Mystical Unicorn" by Kristi Shimada

Enter the Fall Into Reading Giveaway here.

The lucky winner will be drawn on November 1st.

Good luck and share with your friends and family!

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