Three Paws & Three Paws’ New Family by Karen Struck [Book Review + Giveaway]

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Three Paws
Today’s featured book Three Paws & Three Paws’ New Family was written by Karen Struck. With this book series, the author is encouraging children to "dream their life and live it".

Three Paws & Three Paws’ New Family 

The two-part series Three Paws and Three Paws’ New Family feature an Alaskan Grizzly cub named Boots. Boots sustains an injury that leaves him with a bit of a physical challenge. His dream has always been to be an expert salmon catcher, but this injury sets him back on his dream.

Three Paws adventures
Along the way, as you follow Boots on his adventures, he teaches the kids some great lessons of perseverance, and shows you that sometimes it is someone that you least expect who stands by your side, when you need it most.

Three Paws friends
The Verdict 

My 6-year-old was all eyes and ears through both of these books. They are cute stories with lovable characters. He really enjoyed them and seemed to pick up on the great lessons that they had to offer. The lesson of not always judging others before you decide who to befriend, how differences between us often turn out to be strengths, and persevering when you are handed a challenge stood out to me. My daughter (3) seemed too young to pick up on the lessons but sat through the stories and seemed to enjoy the illustrations.

Book Facts

Age Range: 4-8
Grade Level: Preschool - 3rd grade
Hardcover: 42 pages & 44 pages
ISBN-number: 1644627906 & 1646281675


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