This Book is Ridiculous by George Reistma [Book Review + Giveaway]

We do ridiculously weird things for ridiculously obvious reasons

This Book is Ridiculous
Today's featured book, This Book is Ridiculous, was written by George Reistma and illustrated by Ronaldo Florendo. In this story we follow a snail named Sammy while he travels thru the park and observes other friendly animals doing things that look odd along the way. 


This Book is Ridiculous

We follow Sammy thru the park as he rides his skates. As Sammy travels thru the park and comes across ridiculous sights. A crocodile changing a light bulb on a pile of crackers. What a weird thing to do? Surely there's a reason for that. And there is. Crocodile says: "If I don't change the light bulb, I can't see."

This Book is Ridiculous - light bulb

A giraffe the size of a bug and huge hamster playing a game of chess with forks. That's ridiculous! Sammy asks Miss Hamster why they are playing with forks? Miss Hamster makes a valid point: Mr. Giraffe’s hands aren’t long enough to make the moves. Miss Hamster wants to play fair and so she also uses a fork. 

This Book is Ridiculous - Giraffe

Sammy meets many different animals, that do ridiculously weird things, for ridiculously obvious reasons.

The Verdict

Today, we read this book with my two boys. The children enjoyed the book and loved the ridiculous things Sammy saw riding thru the park. Made us think about how different we all do things and the reasons behind them might not be answered until we ask the proper questions to find out why. I as a parent enjoyed reading this book since it was entertaining.

Book Facts

Age Range: 3 - 8
Grade Level: Preschool - 4th Grade
Hardcover: 24 pages
ISBN-number: 10-1661362087, 13-978-1661362089


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