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So, I’m a no-pills-unless-absolutely-necessary kind of gal. Always have been. I will bravely suffer through headaches, colds, back pains and other boo-boo’s, and only when my neti pot, working out, taking walks, honey, cinnamon, lemon, warm beer (nasty), and some other products of Mother Nature, let me down and I’m crawling on the floor gasping for help, will I cave in and allow those colorful tablets or liquids access to my body.

I’m also always in awe how quickly doctors prescribe or suggest that my kids or I take some sort of pain reliever or supplement. I still remember how one doc told me to give my kids Benadryl before our flight to Germany in order “to keep them calm and make them drowsy”. Really?

Anyway. Since I became a Mom, I’ve become more prone to fear and anxiety, which isn’t fun for anybody in our family. The snapping and nagging at the innocent hubs and kiddos for no reason or simply because I feel stressed and anxious, is just fueling Mom’s worst enemy, also known as Mom-Guilt.
So, in a weak moment, I decided to try out remarkable365 Full Life Formula. Why? Because it’s an All Natural supplement blend, made from whole plant ingredients, that are said to help reduce stress, improve focus and increase energy. The supplement contains zero stimulants or unnatural additives, is 100% natural, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, grain free, contains no sugars, artificial preservative or fillers.

The ingredients have really cool names, too.



A powerful adaptogen that helps to combat stress and boost energy. It’s a plant native to India, North Africa and the Middle East. It’s also an antioxidant that helps fight free radicals. It’s a popular Ayurvedic herb that has been used for thousands of years to reduce anxiety, reduce brain cell degeneration, and boost immunity.

** Yes! Less doh-moments, please! **


A powerful adaptogen used in Ayurvedic medicine to support focus, learning, attention and memory. It’s a plant native to India that helps the mind and body adapt to stress. 

** Not paying attention to other Moms when they introduce themselves or forgetting their names as soon as “Nice to meet you” comes out of your mouth? Walking into the kitchen just so you stand there for minutes cluelessly wondering why the heck you just walked into the kitchen? There’s hope! **


A wonderful antioxidant that increases mental clarity and energy levels. It’s a berry native to China and parts of Russia, traditionally used in Chinese Medicine (TCM) for thousands of years to help with adrenal functions, fatigue, fighting free radicals within the body and reducing inflammation. Assists the body and mind in dealing with the effects of stress.

** Looks like this nice lady helps you stop spending pretty much all day looking forward to going back to sleep.**


Helps relieve stress by inducing a relaxing effect without drowsiness. It is native to Eastern Asia, mostly found in green and black teas. Promotes alpha waves, which leads to a relaxed alertness. Decreases anxiety by increasing levels of dopamine and GABA in the brain.

** Sounds like dope! **

Lion's Mane 

A mushroom with many health benefits ranging from brain, gut and immune system functions. Improves brain function, immune system function, nerve regeneration and increased Nerve Growth Factor (NGF). An antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. Reduces anxiety and feelings of irritation while enhancing concentration.

** Roar! **

Now, did it work?

I’ve been taking the supplement for 30 days now and here’s the deal:

I still can’t remember names, still find myself wandering around in the kitchen looking for clues, and my attention span is still that of a goldfish.
Taking the supplement didn’t necessarily improve my sleep, I still wake up a lot, but I feel less tired and more energized in the morning and I have days without an afternoon slump – unless, of course, I spent all night watching one Magnum P.I. episode after another (anybody else have a crush on Thomas?). 

And the most important thing: I can definitely tell that I’m more chilled and a lot less anxious. No panic attacks, no fear of someone just tipping over and die, no snapping at my tiny humans for no reason. 

Want to give it a try?

If you want to try this supplement yourself, I'm giving away 10 bottles of 60 capsules ($29.99 value). Simply email us at with “remarkable365” in the subject line and include your name and address. First come, first serve. Email us by February 1st, 2018.

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