52 Ways For Kids to Practice Kindness [+ Giveaway]

Easy and fun way for kids to learn about compassion, empathy, courage, and responsibility

Kindness Cards
Today more than ever, kids (and grown-ups alike) could use a daily dose of kindness. Kindness takes time to blossom. Here's a fun way for kids to learn about kindness.

KINDNESS CARDS: 52 Ways to Make Every Day a Little Better

This colorful card deck by Nuanprang Snitbhan PsyD, a clinical psychologist specializing in working with children, adolescents, and their families, shares different ways kids can practice being kind to themselves, their families, their communities, every single day.

Each color-coded card offers a simple reflection or activity that helps kids develop their strengths in four key dimensions of kindness: compassion, empathy, courage, and responsibility.

Kindness Cards - Compassion


Pink COMPASSION cards share thirteen ways kids can be kind to themselves. Self-compassion helps children care for themselves, listen to and understand their feelings, which allows them to be happier and more caring and kinder to themselves and others.

Kindness Cards - Empathy


Yellow EMPATHY cards give them lots of ideas for how to put themselves in someone else’s shoes, to try their best to learn about other people and how they feel and what they need. Self-compassion and being understanding to themselves helps them be understanding and to show love and kindness toward family, friends, and strangers.

Kindness Cards - Courage


Blue COURAGE cards help kids be a good neighbor and friend. Courage is one of the biggest ingredients in kindness. Children need courage to show empathy and speak up for others; they need courage when they make mistakes, courage to apologize when they’re wrong, and courage to try again.

Kindness Cards - Responsibility


Green RESPONSIBILITY cards teach them to be kind to the environment and our big world. The cards give examples for how children can do their part to make the earth a happier and kinder place, for example: use only the resources (e.g. water, electricity, etc.) you need, plant a flower or a plant and take care of it, donate toys you no longer play with, build a bird house, and more.

How to use the Kindness Cards

These cards can be used in a variety of ways as a daily practice or weekly challenge to make developing kindness and empathy fun. Kindness can be challenging, but these cards make it fun; and the more we practice, the better we feel!

Some of the activities your kids can do all by themselves, others are fun to do with a friend, or sibling, or a grown-up. Some cards they can use right away, sometimes they need to wait for the right time to come. Kids can pick a card daily and reuse them throughout the year or they can pick a card weekly and use the card throughout that week. However, there are no rules, and kids can use the cards in any way they work for them.

Kindness Cards - Gifts
Our girls have fun using the cards and I love being showered with lots of little notes and gifts! Plus, the girls are doing a lot more chores lately, hah!


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