Lucky Ducks Game – The Wacky Quacky Color Matching Game [Game Review and Giveaway]

Fun color and shape matching game for ages 3 and up

Do you have a toddler or preschooler and are looking for a fun game that is easy to understand and play?

The Lucky Ducks Game is a fun color and shape matching game for ages 3 and up.

Playing the Game

On each side of the duck pond is a colorful shape. Each player chooses one of those shapes: circle, star, square, or triangle.

There are 12 ducks and every duck has a shape sticker on the bottom (three ducks per sticker).

Each player will try to collect the ducks with the shape he/she has chosen.

Place all the ducks on the circular pond; the ducks will begin to swim when the orange button in the center of the pond is pressed.

Players take turns picking up a duck and looking at the color and shape. If it matches their chosen shape, they get to keep the duck. If it doesn't match, they put it back. The first player with 3 ducks that match their shape wins.

Game Facts

Players: 2-4 players
Age: 3 and up
Available on Amazon: Pressman Lucky Ducks -- The Memory and Matching Game that Moves

The Verdict

Here are our thoughts.

The pros:

This is a great game for toddlers and preschoolers. It’s cute, kids love the little duckies, and they learn how to match shapes and colors.

It’s an easy to understand and a quick game, so it can be played with kids who do not have a very long attention span. Plus, it is easier for little fingers than cards and allows for independent gameplay.

Manufacturer says "CHOKING HAZARD -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs". However, as with so many other things, if you watch your child, children under 3 are fine playing with it, too.

The cons:

The quacking sound of the game gets a little annoying and there’s no volume or turn off button.

The game comes with lots of stickers, 24 eyes and 16 shapes. They're a bit tricky to put on, however, I let my 5 year old do it and she had no problems AND had fun doing it.

We also think that the list price of $29.99 is a little steep, but the game is currently available on Amazon for $16.83.


We're giving away (1) one Lucky Ducks game to one lucky reader. 

How to enter: Like our Facebook page AND tag a friend on our Lucky Ducks Facebook post (both actions required!). The giveaway ends at noon on June 27, 2018.

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