The World's First Tooth Fairy...Ever by Zane Carson Carruth [Book Review + Giveaway]

Have you ever wondered how the tooth fairy tradition started? Find out here.

Today’s featured book, The World's First Tooth Fairy...Ever by Zane Carson Carruth, is for all parents struggling with the questions: Where did the tooth fairy come from? Why does she take our teeth? What does she do with them?

The World's First Tooth Fairy...Ever

Abella is a precious little fairy in Tulip Hollow. Unfortunately, her parents are very strict and so she has to watch the other fairies play and having fun outside from her room in the castle.

One day, her parents allow her to fly to a fairy party with her friend Darcie.

On their way to the party, Abella is snatched by a big old bee and flown out of Tulip Hollow. After several attempts to free herself and multiple requests to let her go, Abella’s only way to get away from the bee is to pinch the bee in its behind. The bee indeed drops her and Abella lands on a big pink tulip. Her dress and her hair are a mess and a little white pearl is missing from her favorite purse.

Abella starts to cry but stops when she suddenly hears a sound. She looks around and sees children playing and running around.

The children take a break and eat apples from the apple tree Abella’s sitting on. After the little boy bites into his apple, he grins and proudly holds up a tooth he just lost. This bright and white tooth would be a perfect replacement for Abella’s lost pearl!

Abella follows the children home. When it’s bedtime, the boy slides his tooth under his pillow for safekeeping. As soon as he’s asleep, Abella flies down to his pillow, carefully pulls the tooth out and put it in her purse. In return, she slides the one-dollar bill her Mom gave her for good luck before she left home under his pillow.

Abella flies out of the window and reunites with her family.

The Verdict

The story is cute and it definitely can help you explain the legend of the tooth fairy in a fun and exciting new way.

In our opinion, a few things could have been left out to make the story a little shorter, but all in all, a nice book for preschoolers and kids with wiggly teeth.

Book Facts

Age Range: 3 - 8 years
Grade Level: Preschool - 3
Hardcover: 32 pages
ISBN-10: 1532324553
ISBN-13: 978-1532324550


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