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Gold Stars for days
I don't know how this toy store doesn't already have a hundred 5 star reviews! The Learning Express of Austin is hands down the best. The prices are great, selection is always on point and the customer service probably can't be beat. When I walk in to shop for toys I am greeted like and old...
Great Elementary
They have a wonderful staff and they do a great job teaching.
Great unique selection!
One of the best shops on the the Georgetown square! Love the unique selection of toys.
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I'm looking for sports activities for preschooler in Cedar Park that focus on play rather than on teaching skills.

My daughter was in a volleyball program when she was 3 and all they did was teaching them the basic volleyball skills, i.e. bump, set, and spike. Way too early for a 3-year...
Passport photos topic started by
A recommendation for everybody who needs passport photos:
We had to renew our daughter's passport. We got her passport photos taken at Walgreens. At the post office we were told that the US State Department may reject her picture since the background is rather pink than white, so we had her...
I'm interested to hear when other parents felt their child was old enough to attend their first music concert (with them)? I'm always sort of surprised when I attend a concert in Austin and see younger children with their parents. So what do you feel is a good age and what was your child's first...
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If your kids are like ours, they’d buy everything in the toy store if they could (heck, even in the grocery store!). So, it should be pretty easy to get your kids some Christmas presents, shouldn’t it? Well, it isn’t. At least not for us. We want toys that are age appropriate, durable, wallet-friendly, fun, and if possible parent- or expert-approved. That's why we’ve reached out to local toy stores in and around Austin and asked for their recommendations for the following categories:Best Toys of 2016: BabyBest Toys of 2016: ToddlersBest Toys of 2016: PreschoolersBest Toys of 2016: Big Kids Continue to read about their recommendations plus enter to win one of 5 awesome toys for your little ones!
Central Texas is among the fastest growing regions in the nation. While it means growth and prosperity for some, due to the rising cost of housing, utilities, transportation, and healthcare, many of our neighbors are left behind. Many of those neighbors are children.More than166,050 children in Central Texas61,250 children in Travis County27,160 children in Williamson County8,990 children in Hays County4,790 children in Bastrop County2,360 children in Caldwell Countyare affected by hunger and food insecurity. Let's change this.
Did you know that vultures are the only birds that can smell?Have you ever milked or watched someone milk a cow?Have you ever wondered why male birds are prettier than female birds?Would you believe us if we told you that pigs are some of the smartest and cleanest animals around?Have you ever witnessed the birth of a brand new calf?We experienced and learned about all of the above and more from Farmer Dave and Farmer Chris during our visit of Crowe’s Nest Farm.

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