Mermaid Swimming Classes Coming to Cedar Park [Giveaway]

Learn all about how to "be a mermaid and make waves"

"When I grow up I want to be a mermaid!"
"I want to be a mermaid for Halloween!"
 "I can't run, I'm a mermaid."

 (The latter would be me:)

Sound familiar? Then "mermaiding" might be the right thing for you and your mini-me’s.

What is “mermaiding”?

Mermaiding or mermaid swimming is fun way to embrace your inner mermaid and to learn how to swim and move like a mermaid, whilst wearing an actual mermaid tail! 

Mermaid tails - The equipment

Mermaid tails are made of soft, stretchy fabric worn up to the waist and feel like a second skin. The monofin at the tail's end helps propel ourselves through the water.

Swimmers move their bodies in a dolphin motion which engages all of the muscles through the legs and the core. The incredible speed drawn from the monofin is not only a ton of fun but is also extremely beneficial to your body. 

Tail sizes range from 7 year old kids to adults.

Mermaid classes for kids

Mermaid class encourages children to swim and get exercise while they are playing. It teaches children to use their legs in a strong kicking motion to better support a stronger swim style.

Classes starts at 7 years old.

Mermaid classes for adults

Mermaid classes are a total-body workout from toning your glutes, quads and abs, combined with great cardio exercises working on breath control under water.Enjoy the benefits of stronger core muscles, higher endurance, higher flexibility in shoulders, spine and hips, and less back pain.

AquaMermaid classes in Austin

AquaMermaid is a hot new (mermaid) swimming school and is making its debut at Nitro Swimming in Cedar Park on October 6, 2018. Classes will be offered every Saturday for kids from 2-3 pm and for adults from 4-5 pm.


Nitro Swimming Cedar Park
1310 Toro Grande Dr.
Cedar Park, TX 78613

Classes & Packages

AquaMermaid offers classes and packages for kids, teens, and adults: 

What to expect during an AquaMermaid class

AquaMermaid classes are 60 minutes long and include:

  • 5  min – Introduction to mermaid swimming and stretching (How to wear and care for the mermaid tail)
  • 10 min – Swimming test, introduction to the dolphin kick, and basic mermaid movements
  • 10 min – Swimming using the mermaid tail with floaters
  • 10 min – Swimming techniques, drills and practices
  • 15 min – Swimming games and challenges
  • 10 min – Conclusion (individual assessment and free time for pictures to share with you friends)

Register for AquaMermaid classes here


We’re giving away (1) one set of 2 free Kids Mermaid Classes, a $120 value for a child and her/his friend, ages 7-12.

How to enter: Like our Facebook page AND tag a friend on our Mermaid Swimming Facebook post (both actions required!). The giveaway ends at noon on September 26, 2018.

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