The Baby Unicorn Manifesto by Dain Heer and Katarina Wallentin [Book Review + Giveaway]

A sweet reminder of the unlimited potential each and every child carries into this world

"What if children were told they are a gift from the moment they are born? That they can be and do absolutely anything they want? What if children were told daily how grateful we are for their existence? What could they create then? What would be possible then?"

Today's featured book The Baby Unicorn Manifesto by Dain Heer (Author), Katarina Wallentin (Author), Nathalie Beauvois (Illustrator) is a reminder of the unlimited potential we each carry into this world at birth.

The Baby Unicorn Manifesto

The Baby Unicorn Manifesto is a beautifully illustrated book about how each and every single child born into this world is a miracle with endless possibilities to shine and change the world.

When a baby unicorn is born, unicorns from all over the world come running to welcome the little miracle into the world. They whisper the truth of living in their ears which stays with them for the rest of their lives.

You are a gift,” they whisper.
“The likes of which the world has never seen,” they say.
“You are a beautiful contribution to the world
and to our lives, and we are so grateful you are here.”

The unicorns reassure the baby unicorn that it is appreciated and loved now and always and that they will be on its side every step of the way.

The Baby Unicorn Manifesto a cute little way for new parents and parents-to-be to share with their little miracles how important they are to them and the world.

It has some punctuation and spelling errors which might bother one or the other, but overall it’s a cute book with a sweet message.

Book Facts

Age Range: 4 - 8 years
Grade Level: Preschool - 3
Hardcover: 32 pages

ISBN-10: 163493153X
ISBN-13: 978-1634931533


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