Perry the Fairy and her Tail by Tsila Glidai [Book Review + Giveaway]

A charming book of acceptance and inclusion

Perry the Fairy and her Tail
Today's featured book Perry the Fairy and her Tail by Tsila Glidai and Illustrator Tamar Efrati  is a charming lesson about acceptance, self- confidence and inclusion told by the sweetest grandmother to her curious granddaughter. This is the first book in a series of Tell Me A Story, Grandma Glee. Children ages 4-8 will enjoy this book as they engage in rhyming sentences on each page and beautifully hand- drawn pictures to compliment every page.

Perry the Fairy and her Tail - Perry
Perry the Fairy and her Tail

Sapphire is a curious little girl, wondering all about the world around her. With wonderment and awe around her, her Grandma Glee is right there to share in a story that enlightens Sapphire’s curiosity through fun and engaging stories. Wondering why stories are called tales, Grandma Glee is off on another adventure story sharing about Perry the Fairy and her tail.  

Perry the fairy is unlike all the other fairies. We are brought along in her journey as she learns self- acceptance and how surrounding yourself with a community that loves you is important. Sapphire learns how to help a friend with a problem, and how to make them feel accepted.

Perry The Fairy And Her Tail - sad
The Verdict

My 2nd grade daughter really enjoyed reading this book together. She enjoyed the hand-drawn pictures on every page and thought it was much more interesting to hear the story being told through the eyes of Grandma Glee. It reminded her of her Great-Grandpa's stories, who always had a story to tell with curious great-grandkids at family gatherings.

If you are looking for a story to help share with your child about acceptance, inclusion, and self- confidence, I would recommend this book. We are looking forward to reading more in the series of Grandma Glee.

Book Facts

Age Range: 4-8
Grade Level: Preschool- 3rd grade 
Hardcover: # of pages 20
ISBN-number: 978-1976825507


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