How Making Music Benefits Your Child

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Remember, when you used to sing your child to sleep? Or when you sang a song to yourself when you felt frightened as a kid? Do you see how babies smile and move to music they love? Do you start reminiscing when you hear a particular song?

Music and its effects on children (and adults) are magical. Music is energizing yet calming. Music can relieve stress and anxiety, and can elevate your mood. Music can stimulate memories and improve motivation. However, active music participation at a young age has even more benefits: Research studies have shown that making music creates unique connections in the brain that support your child’s language, social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development, and enhances skills that children inevitably use in other areas:

Language Development

Music exposes children to the basic structure and sequence of sounds involved in language and supports children in developing narrative skills, breath awareness, vocabulary, and active listening skills.

According to recent studies, musical training physically develops the part of the left side of the brain known to be involved with processing language.

Physical skills

Making music involves the - often simultaneous - use of multiple body parts and skill sets, which helps children develop control, coordination, timing, as well as fine, gross, sensory, and oral motor skills.

Children use their ears and eyes, move their hands, fingers, arms, and feet. Try patting your head and rubbing your belly at the same time to get a feel for what playing an instrument using multiple skills simultaneously is like.

Cognitive and Spatial-Temporal Skills

Research has also found a causal link between music and cognitive and spatial-temporal skills, which help children visualize various elements that should go together and come into play in solving multistep problems. Songs and rhythmic chants in varied meters can familiarize children with concepts of proportions, patterning, and counting, helping children develop their math skills.

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Memory skills

Learning, repeating, memorizing, and reciting songs calls on children’s short-term memory and eventually their long-term memory. 

Social skills

Private as well as group lessons require teacher and peer interaction and communication, which improves interpersonal skills, provides great bonding opportunities, and encourages teamwork.

Learning how to play an instrument takes practice. Practice requires listening skills, the ability to follow directions, patience, and discipline, as it takes hours, months, and sometimes years to progress or become proficient.

Emotional skills

Music lessons allow your children to develop their creativity and to self-express themselves and helps them build their self-confidence, boost their self-esteem, and accept and give constructive criticism.

The Importance of Mentorship

Adult supervision and mentorship of a child is crucial for their success of learning a musical instrument or using their voice as an instrument, and developing the skills mentioned above.

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The Musicians Woodshed

The Musicians Woodshed is one of the most unique music schools in Austin with locations in Cedar Park and Lake Travis. Their Lesson Plans are peer-to-peer curriculum, that's personally customized to suit each student's aptitude, interests and learning pace.

Whether stopping by for a lesson, a jam, recording a song or album in their studio or shopping for a quality instrument, The Musicians Woodshed has much to offer any aspiring musician.

The Musicians Woodshed Music Lessons

The Musicians Woodshed offers a variety of music lessons, including:

  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Drums
  • Ukulele
  • Violin & Strings
  • Bass
  • Brass & Woodwinds
  • Voice
  • Electronic Music
  • Songwriting

Private music lessons are offered in-person or online.

The Musicians Woodshed Instructors

Music classes at The Musicians Woodshed are taught by Austin-based professional musicians, who themselves discovered their passion for music at a young age and have many years of experience teaching kids and adults alike.

The Musicians Woodshed Back to School Special

The Musicians Woodshed Back to School Special

The Musicians Woodshed are offering a Back to School Special running through the second week of September, new students get $15 off their first 4 private music lessons- a $60 value (in-person or online).


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