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Virtual Summer Camps In and Around Austin

While summer camps are able to open, many summer camp providers are still hesitant and have decided to either offer virtual summer camps only, or to offer both, virtual camps and in-person camps.

Virtual summer camps are — well, they're virtual, and not location-bound. Technically, a child in Austin, Texas could participate in a camp in Anchorage, Alaska this summer. However, we encourage you to support local businesses and give one of the following a try.
By Birgit Sund on May 28, 2020

STEM Open House at iFLY Austin

Are you ready for your school to take STEM Education to the next level? Join iFly Austin at their free STEM Open House event in September.

Let your kids explore the STEM principles behind their wind tunnel technology through a small presentation, test flights, and lab activities. Read on for details and how to register.
By Birgit Sund on August 20, 2018

Summer Camp Series: Introducing Girlstart Summer Camps

Summer camp registration is open! Austin has a plethora of camps and many of them are filling up fast.

In the coming weeks leading up to summer, we'll be introducing different camps in our Summer Camp Series in order to give you an idea of what's available, and to help you find the right camp for your kiddos.

Today's featured camp is the Girlstart Camps. 
By Birgit Sund on May 7, 2018

VentureGirls - Raising Entrepreneurial Girls To Be Tomorrow’s Leaders [Book Giveaway]

According to experts, young children are naturally brilliant at entrepreneurial skills, but far too often that genius is snuffed out. Their bold, imaginative powers are socialized-out by peer pressure and educated-out by a system designed to create the boundaries valued by the old world, not the new.

What if that didn’t happen to your kid…or any kid? What if there was a window in a child’s life when just the right dose of learning at the just right time could produce kids whose gifts were available for the rest of their lives? What could this new kind of kid—an un-diminished kid—become?

Read more about VentureGirls - Raising Entrepreneurial Girls To Be Tomorrow’s Leaders - a book with the goal to empower young girls to see a rich open-ended future for themselves. Plus, enter for a chance to win a free copy.
By Birgit Sund on May 1, 2018

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