Scream Hollow Wicked Halloween Park Calling Austin's Braves [Giveaway]

We dare you...there's something evil in these woods, something ominous...

Where are the brave parents of even braver kids 12 years and up? If you raised your hand, read on. But behold, this is not for scaredy cats!

Scream Hollow Wicked Halloween Park

Scream Hollow kicked off a fourth spooky season last week.

Nestled among 20-acres of dense forest in Bastrop, a stone’s throw from Austin, and just miles from the site of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Scream Hollow Wicked Halloween Park is the ultimate Halloween experience and one of the top haunts in the country.


All of the haunted houses are in a 20 acre dense forest isolated and removed from the safety of civilization! Ever dreamed of being in a genuine horror movie? Then this is the ultimate experience! Be careful what you wish for! Crossing fingers that you make it all the way through...

Four separate attractions across 18 buildings give haunted house aficionados the ultimate adrenaline rush and over one hour of nothing but haunted house action.

Mansion of Terror Phantoms

A mysterious woman, built an orphanage among the towering loblolly pines, yielding plenty of wilderness for the children to play. The locals called her Saint Adella. Little did they know about who, or what, she really was.

No one knows why and how the children died... 

For decades the mansion has laid abandoned and lifeless. But if you look hard and listen intently, you can hear the nursery rhymes playing in the old nursery, and hear the faint screams of children coming from the basement below the mansion.

Zombie City: The Factory

Move to Lost Pines City, TX they'll be great they said. Beautiful housing, a brand new factory that provided jobs, a top of the line medical center. Little did they know what they were actually getting into.

People started disappearing. The government showed up and took over. The remaining people were pushed out of town and into the surrounding woods. The government built walls surrounding the community, closing many within the factory, cut off from the outside world.

The villagers became nothing more than mindless, hungry creatures...monsters that wanted to feast on human flesh. Pass through if you must but don't let them get to you. You are going to wish you never came here. Many have entered the town...none have come out!

Wicked Darkness: The Maze

There are places in this world where the boundaries between this plane and the next are weak. Many are known places that are often avoided because they are thought to be hotspots of the paranormal. However, some places on this planet that cannot be explained by the latent energies of this world, but by something much more sinister and demonic: the “wicked darkness”.  Do you dare delve into the musty evil that lies within? Will you be one of the few survivors of this soul wrenching terror? Enter and we shall see.

Slaughterhouse – Virgil’s Last Laff!

The newest haunt for 2018 is the Slaughterhouse – Virgil’s Last Laff, the blood and gore haunt that will play into your worst nightmares.  Come see why the demented clowns at Scream Hollow are running for their lives and trying to escape the Slaughterhouse! Only one thing scarier than evil clowns...and you’ll have to enter to find out. 

Magic Emporium

Inside the Magic Emporium, you’ll find flooring salvaged from the 1890s La Grange Courthouse where dozens of poor souls took their final steps towards the gallows. Touch at your own risk the 1905 organ used by Paramount studios in several westerns, but then abandoned because accidents kept occurring to those who dared touch the cursed instrument.  And don’t set off the clapping monkey, one of a few remaining 1950s Daishin clapping chimp toys, known to clap on its own, even without the batteries. 

Spooky Season 

September 28-30
October 5 - November 3, on weekends
Friday + Saturday 7 pm -12 am
Sunday 7 pm – 11 pm

Bonus days: October 30 (7 pm – 11 pm), October 31 (7 pm – 12 am), November 1 (7 pm – 11 pm)


Scream Hollow
149 Split Rail Ln
Smithville, TX 78957
(off Highway 304 in Bastrop, just miles from the site of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre...)

Food & Drinks 

Enjoy a glass of wine or a beer at the Rabid Bat Vampire Bar, a bite to eat at the Cackling Witch Cafe and Bakery.


Browse the fantastically creepy vendors for some hand crafted Halloween oddities and listen to live music on the weekends.

Age restrictions  

Rated PG-13. Scream Hollow recommends ages 13 and up to go through the haunts. If there is a child that wants to go through, they let them, but the actors don’t lighten up or have a “kid friendly” mode, they are the same intensity for every group.

There's an area reserved for younger kids in the Halloween area by the Cackling Witch Café and Bakery. It is well lit and there are various activities for children but keep in mind the grounds are designed for teenagers and adults. Children are not allowed into the Haunted House area. 

Can you leave your kid in the café area while I go to the haunted houses? No! Children must be supervised at all times! Unattended children will be forced to dig graves and given laxative chocolate for the ride home!


Make sure to read the FAQ before you go.


General Admission (does not include haunted attractions. Kids 10 and under free entrance wristband with paid adult.) $6
1 haunted attractions $18
2 haunted attractions $28
4 haunted attractions $34
Wolf Pack Special (4 haunted attractions for 4 persons), limited number of tickets. Check with Scream Hollow.

Free parking.

Get your tickets now.


We’re giving away (1) Family-4-pack of tickets to one brave family.

How to enter: Like our Facebook page AND tag a friend on our Scream Hollow Facebook post (both actions required!). The giveaway ends at 8pm on September 30, 2018.

Stay Tuned

And stay tuned for a very special Scream Hollow Twisted Christmas coming this December 2018!
A Christmas Wonderland by day, a Wicked Christmas by night when Krampus arrives to lead you to the Christmas Haunts and a walk-through Christmas lights maze! 

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