The Adventures of Abella and Her Magic Wand by Zane Carson Carruth [Book Review + Giveaway]

Magical Wands Can Be Good or Bad

Today’s featured book The Adventures of Abella and Her Magic Wand by Zane Carson Carruth is about Abella and Darcie who are young fairies who finally receive their magic wand. The two fairis spend the day with their new wands discovering that magic can do wonderful but also mischievous things. Abella and Dacie learn a valuable lesson making decisions that turn out to be mistakes and how to look at those mistakes in a different way.  

The Adventures of Abella and Her Magic Wand

Abella and Dacie are young fairies who are finally old enough to receive their magic wands. Upon receiving their wands, Abella’s mom warns them not to get into trouble with the wands. Abella and Darcie spend the day discovering what their wands can do. They watch a frog hopping on lily pads and when the frog is in danger, Abella uses her wand to save it. Both girls are amazed by the power their wands have to do good.

Abella also decides to practice using her wand on Abella’s brother during a baseball game but the result is not the same as saving the frog. Abella’s brother ends up losing the game due to Abella’s magic and is upset. Abella worries that she is a troublemaker but her friend Dacie assures her she is an “awesome maker.”

The Verdict

I've read this book several times. Once with my 4-year-old boy, once to my 2-year-old boy and then by myself. I love the concept that the author is trying to convey about being careful with your “power” and how sometimes when not used wisely magic or power can turn out to be trouble.

My children and I were both confused about the mention of a “tooth fairy” in the beginning of the book, which was never mentioned again.
The colors were a bit too bright and the sentences did not always flow together.
Abella and Darcie are also equally mentioned in the book so we were confused why it was just Abella in the title. 

As a family, we liked talking about Abella not meaning to do something that turned out to be trouble, but it is not one of our favorite books.

Book Facts

Age Range: 4-8
Grade Level: preschool -3rd
ISBN-10: 1532390106
ISBN-13: 978-1532390104


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