Diagnosis: Facebook Group Overload. Do You Have It Too?

Here's what we want you to do:

1.    Go to your Facebook page and count how many Facebook groups you’re a member of (we just did and stopped counting at 20).
2.    Then, try to remember what question you posted, what advice you gave, which post you liked, shared, or commented on, or which post you really liked but didn’t save.
3.    Now try to remember which group you were in to do any of the above.

Can’t remember? Can’t find it?

Sorry to have to break the news to you: You have Facebook Group Overload.

Good news is, there's a cure: the Live Grow Play Austin Message Boards.

Our message boards are categorized into 30 different topics with the option to create more, which keeps conversations organized and makes it easy to find the information you're looking for.
You can start new conversations or respond to existing ones and get notified of any new responses to your or other conversations. In order to keep spammers away, it is necessary that you become a member of the Live Grow Play Austin community, just like you do on Facebook, Yelp, or other sites (you can sign up with your Facebook account, if you wish).

Topics include:

Does your little one have an artistic eye? Do you want to spark your child's creative juices? Or are you just looking for a fun activity for your mini-me? Get ideas here.

Birthday Parties
Need or have an idea for kids birthday parties? Let's hear it!

Need a laugh? Read or share the funniest things your kids have said or done lately.
Book Recommendations
What's your child's or your favorite children's book (as we all know there can be a big difference between those two!)?

Buy, Sell, Trade
Buy, sell, or trade new and gently used maternity, baby, and kids items.
It's this time of year. School's out, now what? There are many cool camps in and around Austin. But there are oh so many questions. When, where, what, how long? Day camp or overnight camp? Outdoor or indoor? Help!

Child Care
Q & A about day cares, preschools, Pre-K, mother's day out programs, and after school programs in and around Austin.
Day Trips
We all love Austin, but sometimes we just need to get away. Questions are: What, when, where, and how long?
Spending a lot on clothes, baby food, toys, and whatever else your kiddos need? There's a lot you can do yourself. Learn how or share your ideas.
Fitness for Moms and Moms-to-Be
How to stay fit before, with, and after having a baby. Chime in on the conversation.
Happening In and Around Austin
Keep up with and share with others what's happening around town. Events, local news, overheards, concerns, and more.
Health & Wellness
Looking for a pediatrician, dentist, or specialist for your little one(s)? Need an OBGYN, midwife, or lactation consultant? Want to get feedback on hospitals in the Austin area?
Help at Home
Oh, so much to do. Who knows a handy man or someone who can help with cleaning, gardening, cooking, and all the other chores we don't have time for or (admit it!) just don't want to do?

Indoor Activities
Too hot outside or raining? Read what other members do for fun while indoors.
Little Picassos
Need help identifying your little artist's scribbles? Want to show off your little picasso's masterpieces? Is your child's recent drawing too fun not to share? Please do!
Mom at Work
Are you a Mama going back to work? Or a stay-at-home Mama looking to make some extra money? Want to know where and who Austin's most kid- and family-friendly employers are?

Mom Groups, Dad Groups & Playdates
Come out and play! Connect and meet up with other parents, make new friends, and most of all--have fun.
Mommy and Me & Parent-Child Classes
Hey, new Mom or Dad, do you feel like you're isolated from the world around you, stuck in the house with no one but your precious baby to talk to? Parent-child classes are a great opportunity to get out of the house and interact with other new parents, and to play and bond with your little one. Share your experiences here!
Moving to and within Austin
Everything you need to know about moving within and to Austin, Texas. Austin neighborhoods, school districts, jobs, housing, and more.

Austin's the capital of music, but what does it have to offer to kids when it comes to music? What's the right age to learn an instrument or take voice lessons? Should my child take group lessons or private lessons? Chime in on the conversation!

Nannies & Sitters
Is it time for a date night or a girls or boys night out? Do you need to run some errands, have a doctor’s appointment, or just want to replenish energy? Whatever reason, we all want to find the best care for our kids and have some peace of mind while we’re gone. Get recommendations or share your experience with other Moms and Dads.
New Moms & Dads
Congrats to your new addition to your family! Connect and discuss your experiences and seemingly endless questions with other quite possibly anxious, sleep-deprived new parents.

Got any other questions or anything else to share that quite fit any of the other forums? Let's hear it!
Outdoor Activities
Get your vitamin D, soak up the sun (or the rain), and get active.
Pregnant? How exciting! How wonderful! How scary! So many questions, so much to prepare. Share your thoughts and get feedback from "been there, done that" Moms in the Austin area.

Do you want a playscape with that? Yes, please! How about a free kids meal or a scoop of ice cream after dinner? Fantastic! Kid-friendly restaurants in the 512, share your experiences here.

Discussions about schools, school districts, and anything related.

Whether you are a Soccer Mom or a Football Dad, or whether you are simply trying to find the right activity for your little one, this is the place for all your questions about sports for kids in and around Austin.
Support Groups
Need help or want to assist others in their search for a support group in Austin? Or can you relate to any of the topics and want to share your experiences? Any support is greatly appreciated!
Visiting Austin
Visiting Austin? Ask the Live Grow Play Austin Community for tips on where to go, what to see, and what to do during your stay.

Our message board is still in its infancy but once it’s growing, it’s going to be a great resource for you and other parents and caregivers in and around Austin. It just takes a few people who take the first step, start a conversation and join others. Thanks for helping us help others!

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