How to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Recraft in Austin

Have you been to Austin Creative Reuse yet? It’s a gem for crafty (and frugal) families. We visited their store today and literally wanted to move in. They have about everything you can think of and a lot you can’t or wouldn’t think of:

•    Art and Craft Supplies
•    Fabric
•    Yarn and knitting supplies
•    Sewing notions
•    Vintage paper and photos, magazines (pre-1970s), maps
•    Office Supplies
•    Small Toys (4 inches or smaller- plastic, wood, metal)
•    Puzzle and game pieces
•    Beads and Jewelry making
•    Acrylic and craft paint
•    Wine and Champagne Cork
•    Film Canisters, photographic slides, film strips
•    Scissors, hole punches, paper folders, glue guns

Prices are unbelievably low. Items are priced either per item or per bag or box, or you can grab a bucket and fill it up with whatever you can find in the $5-bulk-bucket-area.

Here are just a few things we took home with us. Luckily, we didn’t have more time because we would have had to rent a storage unit for all the things we would have bought.


All items Austin Creative Reuse collects, distributes, and sells, are reusable materials donated from industry and individuals. They’re always looking for the items listed above but also have a wish list of items they need for daily operations but do not regularly collect from individuals, businesses or industrial suppliers.  

•    Sewing Machine(s)
•    Metro (wire) Shelving units or parts
•    Locking Cabinet
•    Folding tables
•    Card Catalog or other small drawer unit
•    Table for Children
•    Chairs for Children
•    Set of lockers
•    Pricing guns
•    Extension Cords (both household and industrial)
•    Chalk Ink Pens

Financial donations are also welcome. If you'd like to volunteer at Austin Creative Reuse, make a material donation, or a financial contribution, visit their donations page.

Check out their profile for contact details, address, store hours, social media pages. And while you’re there, or after your visit to their store, why don’t you show them some love (because we know you’ll love them) and write a review?

Happy crafting, everyone!

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