How to Get Yourself Some Free Time Every Day in December Until Christmas

Awwwh, the holidays. Beautiful Christmas decorations, magical lights, the smell of cinnamon, cardamom or ginger, delicious pies and 23 kinds of cookies baking in the oven, Christmas presents under the pretty Christmas tree, sitting by the fireplace listening to Christmas songs, drinking a mug of eggnog and reading a book.


How did we get there? How can we make wishful thinking a reality?

Keep the kids (and spouse) busy and buy yourself some time
Every day Google Santa's Village unlocks new games and experiences that allow your kids to practice basic coding skills, exercise their geography knowledge, learn different languages and get to know more about charitable educational organizations, or to simply have fun.

The games are easy enough for Kindergartners, some even for preschoolers. Check out the gift slingshot, present bounce, gumball tilt, Santa search, or penguin dash.

Some of the Learn and Explore activities require reading and mouse skills.

Teachers, keep your cool
For educators, Google Santa Tracker offers free educational games and lesson plans with activity ideas, teaching tips, and discussion questions for K-12 classrooms.


Games include geography, computer science, language and social studies games.

Where's Santa? When will Santa get here?
Every year on December 24th, the Google Santa Tracker helps answer the question of “Where’s Santa Now?” for millions of children. You can see where Santa is on his journey using Google Maps on your computer, phone, or tablet. While Santa travels, kids can explore each location he visits, see his next destination, and watch him fly around the world.


You're welcome. Enjoy your eggnog.

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