Don't Know What to Tell Your Kids? - Let Siri Do the Talk

Are you familiar with never ending questions from your kids incl. questions you can’t, don’t want to, don’t know how to, or are just not ready to answer yet? Are you tired of repeating yourself over and over again? Have you had it when your kids talk back to you? Can’t think of anything appropriate or clever to say?

No worries: Let Siri do the talk!

The other day, I accidentally pressed the Siri button when one of my kids asked me something and Siri’s response was hilarious. I then had the genius (if I may say so myself) idea to ask Siri for help whenever my kids asked me something or had something to say to me that I couldn’t find the right words for. OK, I admit, I used it whenever I could since I had so much fun doing it. And most of the time, the girls and I ended up sitting on the couch asking Siri 1000 more questions and giggling and laughing at Siri’s responses.

Here are some of my/our favorites:




Try it. Share a laugh, share your favorites!

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