Best Birthday Party Ever-Series: Foam Party [Review + Special Offer]

Lots of foam, lots of bubbles, lots of laughter

Foam Party for kids
And another “Best birthday party ever!” in the books. I’m very good at throwing the best birthday parties ever, if I may say so myself. This time, we had 6 girls over for a party and sleepover. Those 6 plus our 2 daughters, makes 8 girls ages 6-9. (Yes, there is a girl with a black bucket on her head. She likes to do things like that.)

After researching the awesome Live Grow Play Austin Kids Directory (which I created and manage myself – patting myself on the back), I decided to go with a foam party provided by Freedom Fun.  

The Foam

It was important to me, that the foam doesn’t harm eyes, skin, or clothing of our party animals and neither our grass, plants, or the environment in general. I was glad to see that Freedom Fun’s foam is 100% organic, toxic free, hypoallergenic, consists of 90% air and the rest is just water & solution.

You can have your foam party in your back yard or you can order an inflatable foam pit which contains the foam (and kids) better. I opted for the foam pit.

The Set-up

The set-up didn’t take long. All we had to provide was a power and water source within 50 ft of the pit. Noah, the Freedom Fun guy, was super nice and explained the rules to the girls, such as no standing under the foam dispenser (can’t remember the word he used), no climbing on the foam pit, and no roughhousing.

Foam Party for kids
Foam Party for kids, best birthday ever - set up..

The Fun

And so the foam party began…

Foam Party for kids, best birthday ever - fun
Foam fashion show:

Foam Party for kids, best birthday ever - fashion show
The girls had an absolute blast.

Foam Party for kids, best birthday ever - foam everywhere

Of course, I had to join in the fun to experience it myself. The foam was super soft, you couldn't even feel it, it didn’t stick and it was easy to get off.

I do have to say that the foam did have a little bit of a smell to it. I would recommend to have a hose nearby so the kiddos can rinse off from time to time.

Foam Party for kids, best birthday ever - foam blowing away
It was a bit windy out, which made the party extra fun since the foam got carried away by the wind and the girls were trying to catch it.

Foam Party for kids, best birthday ever - foam monster
Several times we heard a “This is the best birthday party ever!” and both of our daughters wanted to do it all over again the next day.

I think it’s safe to say that the party was a huge success and I highly recommend it.

Book Your Party + Special Offer

If you’d like to book your own foam party, give Freedom Fun a call or visit their website for more info. They also offer laser and archery tag, outdoor movies, bubble ball (that might be my next adventure), all kinds of inflatables, virtual reality rentals, concessions, and more.

Special offer for Live Grow Play Austin readers: with the rental of any of the above mentioned main packages, you will receive (2) two free Oculus Go Virtual Reality experiences for free!

Just mention Live Grow Play Austin when you place your order. Offer good until the end of the year.

Freedom Fun also just opened a location in San Antonio, so if you have family or friends in San Antonio, let them know about this offer as well.

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This is a sponsored blog post, but all opinions are my own.
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