Queen for a Day - Kindergarten Fun

Our school does that fun thing where Kindergartners are “Queen for a Day” or “King for a Day”. They get to wear a crown and the entire class draws the queen or king. The teacher binds the drawings into a book and the queen or king can take the book home with her/him.

The book is adorable and we got a good laugh out of it. Plus, there are quite some little Picassos in her class, check it out.

This is Leya painted by her teacher.

The following pictures are the masterpieces created by her classmates.

Photo 1
Photo 2

Photo 3
Photo 4

Photo 5
Photo 6

Photo 7
Photo 8

Photo 9
Photo 10

Photo 11
Photo 12

Photo 13
Photo 14

Photo 15
Photo 16

Photo 17
Photo 18

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