How to Jumpstart 2021 With a 3-Day Juice Cleanse and Other Herbal Remedies

Out with the old, in with the new

3-Day Juice Cleanse Green Goddess

New year, new me, right? In order to let go of some of the negatives of 2020 and make room for a positive 2021, I decided to do a 3-day juice cleanse, lovingly prepared by our local farm girl Selima Harbison.

Selima is the “Green Goddess” (literally, that’s her company’s name) of Lago Vista. Green Goddess Holistic Health provides juice detoxes, farm to table products, herbal folk medicine.

The Green Goddess basic juice cleanse consists of 5 juices and herbal teas, that are designed to detox your body in a variety of ways, jumpstart your metabolism, and support immune function. 

For 3 days, you drink 5 different juices throughout the day. You may drink coffee and tea, no cream or sugar, you may eat a salad and fruits if you need to, and you can enjoy one Paleo-friendly dinner. Sounds hard, but it actually wasn’t. The worst for me was to watch the rest of my family eat and smell the food I prepared for them! I have to admit that the juices weren’t as tasty as a filet mignon and that my first bowl of oats on day 4 tasted delicious, but I wasn’t starving, had no headaches or any other “side effects” and felt great during and after the cleanse.

3-Day Juice Cleanse

These are the juices included in the 3-Day Juice Cleanse. All juices come in reusable mason jars.

Glow Girl

Glow Girl is a blend of carrot, citrus, ginger, turmeric, and green apple that is full of beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is converted by the body into Vitamin A, which, helps the skin fight UV radiation, and helps maintain the health and appearance of the skin. In addition, it helps slow cognitive decline, supports healthy mucus membranes, eye health, aids our immune system and has been shown to help improve lung function in older adults.

Brazilian Limeade

Brazilian Limeade is a mix of coconut milk, lime juice, maca powder, and chia seeds. This juice blasts belly fat, while speeding up your metabolism, increasing energy, and balancing your hormones, maca has also been praised for increasing divine feminine energy.

Elderberry Kombucha

Elderberry Kombucha supports gut health, immune support, lessens inflammation, decreases stress, strengthens your heart, boost metabolism, aids in cancer prevention and liver health, and helps maintain healthy blood sugar.

Green Juice

Green Juice contains celery, kale, cucumber, green apple, cilantro, basil, and lemon. This is a heavy detoxifier targeting various areas where our body stores toxins. It detoxes blood, heavy metals, lowers blood pressure, has natural herbal antidepressants and mood enhancers and so much more. This is a juice I could go on and on about its healing properties.

Chicken and Adaptogen Herb Bone Broth

Chicken and Adaptogen Herb Bone Broth (can be subbed for Vegan Mushroom Bone Broth) is another powerful herbal healer with amazing benefits of adaptogen herbs. They help your body function better and cope with stress. It aids the immune system, mental health, healing your stomach lining and general gut health, nervous system, liver, kidneys, and help regulate sleep. This is also amazing for cold/ flu and allergy prevention. Some of the ingredients are also wonderful for skin, hair and nail healthy and growth. 

To learn more about juicing, listen to Selima’s “Let’s talk about juice, baby” podcast.


Herbal Remedies for Cold, Flu and Cedar Fever

Got the sniffles or are you getting hit hard by pollen? Green Goddess Holistic Health has got you covered with the following herbal remedies.

Elderberry and Adaptogen Herb Syrup

Elderberry and Adaptogen Herb Syrup are a concentration and powerful immune modulator, that balances the immune system, helps liver and digestion system, cold/ flu and allergy prevention. The herbs in this syrup help your body adapt to stress in the nervous system, from potential illnesses, from environmental sources, and even aids in mental health.

Cedar Fever Tincture

Cedar Fever Tincture is a wild foraged blend of local herbs to help decrease histamine reaction to Cedar aka Mountain Juniper pollen. 

Herbal Smudgies

Herbal Smudgies are locally grown and sustainably collected sage sticks that are burned to cleanse your sacred space. They vary in ingredients based on the purpose and intention for the cleansing. These work best when you say a mantra or manifestation to add intention.

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Green Goddess Holistic Health Podcasts

Want to learn more about holistic health, nutrition, and fitness? Tune in to Green Goddess Holistic Health podcasts, where Selima discusses various types of healing with food, herbs, and movement.

Healthy New Year!

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