Moolah U Camp Goes Live Online

Kids will turn their clever idea into a real money making business

Moolah U
Obviously, this is a difficult time for everybody and many local businesses are getting hit extremely hard. We therefore want to use our little platform and help in any way we can.

We asked local businesses to let us know of any products, services, or activities they're currently offering, that can help Austin families keep their kids busy and make this time as enjoyable as possible for their kids and their whole family. In the coming days, we will be introducing those offers on our blog. Sign up for our newsletter, so you don't miss any of these awesome deals.

Moolah U

Moolah U gives kids experiences that prepare them for a life of financial independence. Kids attending the Moolah U program and camps:

  • Build a fundamental understanding of how money works
  • Develop readiness skills, an experience of success and being great with others
  • Establish habits of saving to invest, using money to make money and make choices that build a powerful future
  • Think and act independently from the common view of money as something to spend
  • Experience themselves as capable, responsible leaders who can accomplish whatever they choose


Moolah U Camp Goes Live Online

Time to step into the business start up world! In just two weeks, your kids will turn their clever idea into a real money making business! Suddenly they will find it more fun to MAKE money than to spend it.

Moolah U is a kid-proven program that over 3000 kids have attended. Now it's available live online to do at home for kids age 10 and up!

During the 2 week course, kids will get daily interactive live sessions with a business coach. They will be guided by Mentors through designing a real business plan and launching their business!

On the last day, they pitch their business to the "Barracuda Tank" with a chance to win cash prizes to start their business.

Stay-at-Home Special Pricing: $99 (Reg. $150) Use Code: StayAtHome2020.

Thank you for your support

Together, we will overcome this worldwide challenge and we are happy to be in a position to contribute a bit of relief and happiness to our local Austin community.

Thank you for supporting local small business, it really does matter, especially at times like these.

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