Austin Best At Getting Kids Moving At School And Home

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that children get 60 minutes of physical activity a day, yet most children typically get less than 20 minutes. The growing prevalence of technology and screen time has contributed to children leading increasingly sedentary lifestyles, and yet research proves that movement is essential for kids’ healthy development.

GoNoodle, the leading provider of online movement videos and games that get kids moving with moderate to vigorous physical activity breaks at school and at home, created the Kids Movement Index to help better understand how turning sedentary environments into active spaces positively impacts kids’ minutes of movement.

The Kids Movement Index is calculated as the total minutes GoNoodle is played in a classroom or at home per kid in a specific geographic area then divided by elementary-age kids population according to the National Center for Education Statistics for that given area.

Austin tops Go Noodle's list of Top 10 Large Cities.
177,003 Austin kids were physically active (meaning played GoNoodle) for 51,098,027 minutes which results in a Kids Movement Index of 288.7.

And if you want an alternative to GoNoodle, simply tell your kids to go outside. Or have your kids enjoy countless activities for kids Austin has to offer. We guarantee, you'll find something in our directory.

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