How To Prepare For Summer Camp Next Year

Answer the following questions and evaluate the camp your child has attended this year

Summer and therefore summer camps are over, a new school year has started. Kids are gone, house is quiet. Take a minute and reflect on the last few weeks, and especially on the time your child spent in summer camp.

Did your child like the camp? Was it easy to sign up? Was it worth the price? Did your child feel safe?

We’ve prepared a list of questions that will help you evaluate the camp your child attended this summer and can help you decide on future camps your child is going to participate in:

  1. Registration process:
  2. Communication before, during, after the program:
  3. Preparation (equipment/supplies needed):
  4. Location:
  5. Facilities:
  6. Transportation at camp:
  7. Length of camp (weeks, days, hours):
  8. Camp schedule:
  9. Price / value:
  10. Staff:
  11. Safety / care:
  12. Snacks / meals:
  13. Child’s experience:
  14. My child had fun:
  15. My child learned new skills:
  16. My child loved / did not like the camp:
  17. My child was / wasn’t ready for camp:
  18. My child did /did not get along with the other children:
  19. Things my child / I wished would have been different:
  20. My child wants / doesn’t want to go back next year:
  21. I would / wouldn’t recommend the camp:

There are over 400 businesses and organizations that offer camps in and around Austin. We’re pretty sure that your child’s camp provider is part of our extensive list (if not, let us know!):

If you’ve answered all or some of the above questions or made other notes about your child’s camp, would you mind sharing them with other parents that are trying to figure out where to send their kids to camp next year? Simply enter the camp provider’s name in the search box or browse our Camps listings.

And for next  year: Use our Camp Guide to find the right camp for your child. The Live Grow Play Austin Camp Guide allows you to search for camps by interest (e.g. arts, music, sports, outdoors, etc.) camp type (i.e. day or overnight camp), camp location, camp dates, age of campers, and price. 

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