How You Can Help Connect Children Waiting for Adoption With Loving Families

The Heart Gallery of Central Texas – One Photo Can Change A Life

November Adoption Month
November Is National Adoption Month.

The Heart Gallery is a program of the Central Texas non-profit Partnerships for Children with the purpose of raising awareness of children within the Texas Foster Care System who are legally eligible for adoption. Through sharing a simple photo, combined with telling the stories of these young Texans the organization hopes to make the community aware of the need for loving homes for these children.

Heart Gallery

Become a Forever Family

Every year over 600 children in Central Texas wait for a forever family, a place to call home. The Heart Gallery is a portrait exhibit and community education/outreach initiative that brings to life the beautiful personalities of children who are waiting to be adopted. Many of these are older children, sibling groups, and children with special needs—often referred to as forgotten children.

Learn about the stories of these beautiful children:   

Get involved

Even if you’re not in a position to adopt a child, there are other ways for you to support this program and make an extraordinary impact on the life of a foster child. Partnerships for Children offers a wide variety of programs to support the children in the care of Child Protective Services. There are many ways to make a difference for these children and we can help you find the program that's right for you.

Rainbow Room

Rainbow Room

The Rainbow Room is our 24/7 supply center located within the CPS offices. Caseworkers can come here to get whatever they need to support the children in their care, whether it’s formula, a bed, a coat, or a backpack. You can make sure these supplies are in stock when a child urgently needs one.

Learn more about how you can donate or host a drive.

Holiday Wishes

Holiday Wishes

Holiday Wishes is a program that helps create positive, magical memories of the holidays for children who could really use a little light in their lives. You can help put a smile on their face. When you fulfill one or more of the three wishes they give us (totaling about $75 per child), they have presents to open, too.

Learn about the different ways you can help fulfill those Holiday Wishes.

We are a Holiday Wishes Ambassador and serve as a liaison between business sponsors and Partnerships for Children. If you own a business and would like to sponsor one or more children, contact us at Every business that sponsors a child, will receive a shout-out on our Facebook page as well as on the Partnerships for Children Facebook page.

YES Mentoring

YES Mentoring

Our Youth Empowerment and Success (YES) Mentoring program matches young adults with people like you who can be a positive influence and a supportive presence in their life. As a YES Mentor, you’ll assist one of the teens through a series of monthly classes that will teach them how to set and achieve personal and financial goals that will help prepare them to navigate life beyond foster care.

Through this program, your influence and involvement as a mentor can lead them toward becoming a more productive and financially responsible adult

Learn more about how you can support a teen in foster care.

Foster Community

Foster Community

Foster Community is a network of nonprofits, government agencies, and community leaders dedicated to increasing the number and diversity of healing foster and adoptive families in Central Texas.  At any moment, children and families are experiencing the challenges of separation and loss because of the cycle of abuse and neglect.  Ultimately, it takes the greater community to support children in foster care.

Learn more about Foster Community.

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