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Cedar Fever

It took about 10 years until Cedar allergies finally got me. Fortunately, my symptoms have been rather mild so far. I occasionally experience sinus pressure, itchy eyes, and ear aches. What can you do about it? See below.

What is Cedar Fever 

Cedar allergies, spurred by the pollen of cedar trees, can make for a long winter. Allergy-sensitive Texans know this scenario all too well. They endure the watery and itchy eyes, sore throats, runny noses, headaches, congested sinuses, and sneezes every December and January, like clockwork, when the cedar trees release their pollen. The symptoms can be so severe that this ailment has earned the name “Cedar Fever”.

The culprit and source of Cedar Fever is an abundance of cedar trees in Texas. However, this pesky allergen has a reach that stretches far beyond the Texan border. The gusting, winter winds carry the cedar pollen all across Texas and into the neighboring states. With thousands of people affected each year, remedies are a must. Luckily, the folks at Aspire Allergy with locations in Cedar Park, Central Austin, Kyle, Lakeway, Round Rock, South Austin, and West Lake Hills, have some tips and treatment suggestions to ease the misery of winter cedar allergies.

Tips to minimize exposure:

People often don’t realize that pollen from the trees can permeate their clothes, hair, and pets when they are outside. Then, they carry their nemesis into their home, which should be a safe haven from outdoor allergens. The following are tips to keep your allergies at bay by keeping the cedar pollen out of your home:

  1. Wash clothes after coming inside.

    In order for your home to be the refuge you need, you should change clothes after being outside and store the contaminated ones in a sealed container until they can be washed.

  2. Wash your hands and face after coming in from outside.

    The pollen can easily stick to your skin and can not only create allergy symptoms while you are outside, but it can also continue to affect you if you carry it inside. A quick wipe down of your exposed areas after being outside is a great preventive measure.

  3. Wash your hair before bed.

    Your hair will also trap the allergens, so taking a shower and washing it before bed will prevent allergens from contaminating your sheets.

  4. Buy a HEPA air purifier.

    Of course, you will need to keep windows and doors closed. It is also a good idea to buy a HEPA air purifier for your home. This appliance will create an extra layer of defense between you and the cedar pollen trying to play havoc with your life.

  5. Wipe your pet’s paws and fur after being outside.

A final tip to keep cedar allergens from taking over your space is to wipe your pet’s paws and fur when they come in from outside. It only takes a few seconds for allergen carrying pollen to attach to your pet’s fur. And their paws can attract the pollen in the grass or on other outside surfaces. Keeping your pets clean is a big step in keeping your cedar allergies under control.

Innovative treatments

Aspire Allergy is known for making new and innovative allergy therapies available. For instance, they advocate immunotherapy because this treatment slowly introduces the allergen to the body in tiny amounts over time. The results of this approach have been quite positive – with many partakers reporting far fewer symptoms and most eventually reporting not being affected by their allergies, at all.

Aspire Allergy has three primary options for effective immunotherapy: allergy drops, allergy shots, and the ExACT immunotherapy procedure.

While allergy shots have been an effective treatment for decades, many people prefer allergy drops for a couple of reasons. First of all, the convenience is undeniable. For most people, the drops are just as effective as the shots and are far more convenient. The drops and shots both work the same way: they subject the body to the problem-causing allergens and allow them to build up in the immune system over time. This method of treatment eventually eliminates their power over the immune system.

Aspire Allergy also advocates their ExACT immunotherapy plan for a more detailed and comprehensive study of the specific allergens attacking your system. This procedure allows the experts at Aspire Allergy to customize a plan for eradicating your allergies. ExACT immunotherapy is probably the most accurate way to address allergies because it identifies your specific allergens, allowing for a customized treatment plan. It also treats your allergies in just eight weeks, instead of years – like other remedies.

However, ExACT immunotherapy is not for everyone because it is the most involved and time-consuming of all allergy treatments. To decide which treatment plan is best for you, the experts at Aspire Allergy will conduct a formal assessment, and then, will make recommendations based on the results.

To wrap it up

If you are one of the thousands affected by the gusting, pollen-carrying winds of Texas, try to follow the tips above for a cleaner home that can serve as your refuge from cedar pollen, and also consider contacting the folks at Aspire Allergy to see what allergy treatment is best for you.

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