Back to Virtual-School List

Twenty essential distance learning supplies

Back to Virtual-School List
Back in March, we couldn’t really prepare for remote learning, since nobody knew what to expect and what to prepare for. This time around it is different. I know exactly how to get ready and what to stock up on. Here’s my Back to Virtual-School List: 

  1. Daytime pajamas + nighttime pajamas.
  2. Coffee.
  3. Chocolate.
  4. Meditation app, candles, essential oils.
  5. Anti-wrinkle cream + hair dye.
  6. Meal delivery subscription.
  7. “Do not disturb” sign.
  8. Headphones.
  9. Squeeze balls.
  10. Ice cream.
  11. Netflix subscription, Disney+ subscription, Hulu subscription, video games, child-appropriate apps.
  12. Pre-recorded messages for the kids.
  13. Post-its.
  14. Chores chart.
  15. To-do-list for my partner in crime.
  16. “Pay-one quarter-for-every-time-you-scream-Mom” jar.
  17. “Mom-pays-you-one-quarter-for-every-time-you-scream-Dad” jars.
  18. Voodoo doll.
  19. CBD oil.
  20. Wine, beer, jello-shots, and the hard stuff.

Our list is expandable. Comment here and we'll add your sanity- and life-savers to the list.

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