Consignment Sales In and Around Austin

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‘Tis the season - the season of...

...decluttering your closets to make room for new clothes for the kids or to selfishly reconquer an extra shelf or two for yourself.

...sneakily getting rid of the long despised toy that is staring or grinning or worse, laughing (!) at you every time you pass it or you step on one of its toy-friends that threw itself in your way.

...helping other parents out through in-expensive hand-me-downs.

...keeping 100% recyclable items out of our landfills.

...making a little extra cash to help out with your everyday expenses or to treat your kids or yourself to something nice.

‘Tis the season – the season of...

...stocking up on gently used clothes and shoes for your little ones.

...getting ready for baby no matter how far along Mom and baby are, with maternity clothes and other Mom items, as well as nursery necessities, baby gear and baby accessories.

...filling up your kids’ book shelves with some new books now that they’re back in school.

...getting your kiddos some new toys (especially since, according to Hobby Lobby and a few other stores, Christmas is right around the corner!) or replacing the toys (see above) that mysteriously disappeared from your house.

...saving serious money and still receiving quality, often like-new items for the entire family.

‘Tis the season – the season of Consignment Sales! 

From September to November you have the opportunity to consign or shop at seven consignment sales in and around Austin, including:

Fairytale Threads Cedar Park 

Carousel Consignment Sale

Just Between Friends North Austin

Just Between Friends Williamson County

Twice Loved

Fairytale Threads Austin

Just Between Friends Central Austin     

If you can’t sell all your items, have the consignment sales event organizers donate them, donate them yourself to one of Austin’s many non-profit organizations for kids, or, if you want to give selling another shot (or if you want to give them away), add them to our Buy, Sell, Trade message board.

If you couldn’t find what you were looking for at the consignment sales event, give our Buy, Sell, Trade message board a try as well.

And, as we all love to read recommendations, please rate and review the consignment sales event(s) you went to. Simply click on the respective consignment sales event listed above or go to our Consignment Sales category.

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