Austin Company Creates "Elliott Superhero Robe" For Children With Life-alerting Illnesses

Inspired by a young girl in Austin named Elliot

Girl wearing an Elliot Superhero Robe
After years of isolation kids across the nation are returning to normal, going back to school, playing with friends, participating in sports, traveling to summer camp, etc. But for the millions of children with life-alerting illnesses like cancer, life can’t go back to normal yet. Because of their compromised immune systems, they have to remain isolated and aren’t able to see siblings and extended family in person. During their hospital stays, they wear neutral-colored gowns that are practical, but the furthest thing from fun. Recognizing this increased need to not only cheer these kids up, but also empower them was the inspiration behind the Elliot Superhero Robe.

The Elliot Superhero Robe

Allison Schickel, CEO and Founder of Brobe Intl, was inspired to create her original product, the recovery Brobe, after a close friend of hers underwent 11 surgeries after her Breast Cancer diagnosis. It is specifically designed for women recovering from a Mastectomy, Breast Reconstruction surgery, organ transplant, etc. These robes feature pockets inside the robe for medical equipment, a detachable bra with front Velcro closure and, three-quarter length sleeves for easy IV access and other clever elements that make recovery easier and more comfortable.

After meeting a young girl named Elliot in Austin, Texas, who at the age of just 3 years old was battling cancer, Allison realized the need to expand our line of recovery robes to creating items and products for children who were fighting chronic illnesses. And thus, the Elliott Superhero Robe was born.

The Elliott Superhero Robe features designs like the Brobe, where pockets are lining the inside for medical equipment, such as drains, monitors, etc. The pockets can be adjusted inside the robe to accommodate different heights. It has metal-free snaps along the sleeve, that allow children to wear the robe during treatments, scans and x-rays, but gives easy access to doctors and nurses. The robe is made of a soft, anti-microbial fabric that helps protect against bacteria, mold, mildew and other hazardous microbes.

Each robe comes with two superhero capes (one in star fabric and one in superpower word fabric), two matching doctor’s hats and two blue superhero eye masks made from the same fabric as the robe.

The Elliot Superhero Robes are available for purchase on the company’s website at

Donate a Elliot Superhero Robe 

Brobe International has teamed up with Children’s Hospitals around the nation and Austin fundraising company, HelloFund, to allow consumers to donate a robe to children with cancer and chronic illnesses. Through their website, 100% of the donations are used to deliver free robs to these children. Donations can be made in any amount and each month, will be used to send robes to hospitals.

One thing that Brobe Intl. hopes to achieve with the Elliot Superhero Robe, is to recapture a child’s fearlessness, wonder and innocence. The Robe was created to give these children in these situations the chance to simply be kids again without worrying about devices or illnesses limiting them.

You can donate a robe to a child in need by visiting

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