Invitation for Businesses to Join Our Free "Support Local Schools Program"

A program that connects local businesses with local schools

Attention, local businesses owners!

We are happy to announce that we're going to roll out a new service free of charge for local businesses and invite you to participate in this program.

We are partnering with Parent Teacher Organizations (PTOs) of schools in the Austin area. As you may know, PTOs often seek fundraising support or donations for upcoming school events, such as raffle prizes, food and snacks, or other forms of donations. This is a great way for local businesses to give back to the community and, at the same time, to promote their products and services to families in the area.

Unfortunately, many PTOs struggle with approaching and connecting with businesses or some businesses may not be interested or may not be in the position to partner up with schools, or are only interested in supporting schools in a certain area.

In order to help connect PTOs with local businesses, to facilitate the communication between the two, and to help both parties save time and efforts, we have created the "Support Local Schools Program". 

We will be gathering information from local businesses regarding the school districts they are interested in supporting and the type of support they're able to give. Based upon this information we will be sending out targeted fundraising and donation requests to local businesses on behalf of local PTOs. The requests will include all the information you need, incl. school and contact details, event details, types of support requested, donation appreciation and business recognition.

This service is free of charge for local businesses as well as for schools/PTOs, and is our way of giving back to the community.

If you're interested in participating in the Support Local Schools Program, please take a minute and fill out the brief questionnaire at:

Once we receive a donation request from a school/PTO that matches your preferences, we will send you a notification.

Thank you for participating in the Support Local Schools Program and for supporting schools in and around Austin.

If you are a PTO-member at your school and think your PTO would like to participate in this free program, please contact us at

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