Apfelsaftschorle - A Healthier Alternative To Sugary Drinks

Water doesn't need to be boring, give this refreshing drink a try

So, it’s September, which means it’s Childhood Obesity Month.

One contributing factor to childhood obesity are sugary beverages, such as soda, fruit punch, lemonade and other “ades,” sweetened powdered drinks, and sports and energy drinks. In fact, they’re the top calorie source in teens’ diets (226 calories per day), beating out pizza (213 calories per day).

The average can of sugar-sweetened soda or fruit punch provides about 150 calories, almost all of them from sugar, usually high-fructose corn syrup. That’s the equivalent of 10 teaspoons of table sugar.

You can read more about the link between sugary drinks and obesity here.

So, while not 100% sugarless, but whit a whole lot less sugar, this refreshing drink consumed in Germany throughout the year by young and could be an alternative to all of the above.

Apfelsaftschorle (Apple Spritzer)

Simply put: Apfelsaftschorle = apple juice + sparkling water.

Mix it how you like it. Play around and see what ratio you like best. Some people prefer more apple juice, some prefer less. Obviously, the less apple juice, the less sugar.

The good thing: you can make an Apfelsaftschorle to everybody’s liking.

This is how we mix our Apfelsaftschorle in a 16 oz. glass:

Apple Juice

Apple juice
Pour ½ cup of apple juice in a 16 oz glass. We use no-sugar-added apple juice.

Sparkling Water

Sparkling water
Fill the glass up with sparkling water.

We have a SodaStream to make our own sparkling water (cheap and eco-friendly). But store-bought sparkling water is just as fine. If you choose to go with a SodaStream, they have one with plastic bottles and one with glass bottles. We started with plastic bottles but have now switched to glass bottles for health and environmental reasons (according to SodaStream, the plastic bottles degrade over time and need to be replaced from time to time).

Soda Stream


Let us know how you like it!

PS: You can also use orange juice, cherry juice, rhubarb juice, or any other juice you can think of.

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