Stay Active with FREE Sportball Zoom Classes

Sportball has gone digital and offer free online class for kids ages 2–10

Sportball Zoom Classes
Obviously, this is a difficult time for everybody and many local businesses are getting hit extremely hard. We therefore want to use our little platform and help in any way we can.

We asked local businesses to let us know of any products, services, or activities they're currently offering, that can help Austin families keep their kids busy and make this time as enjoyable as possible for their kids and their whole family. In the coming days, we will be introducing those offers on our blog. Sign up for our newsletter, so you don't miss any of these awesome deals.


We are all adjusting to stay-at-home life and it’s been tough for everyone. Children in particular need to get their wiggles out, and what better way to accomplish this than to join Sportball for their FREE Sportball Zoom Classes!? Your child will be so excited to see Coach Tina, Coach Alexander, Coach JR, Coach Michael, Coach Autumn, or Coach Mica on their screen where they can interact and continue honing those Sportball Skills! Feel free to join in on the fun with your children too!  

Click any of the links below to join the scheduled classes. There are no limits to how many you can join and they are completely FREE! If you plan to have your camera and microphone turned on, please make sure everything in the background is appropriate. Sportball will be live monitoring each class and will remove people if necessary. Children will need little to no equipment, possibly including a ball to kick, a ball to bounce, a tennis ball (or rolled socks), a cone (or plastic cup), etc. 

Class schedule


Monday 3/30

1:00-1:30 pm — Ages 6–10 years. Click here to join Coach JR!

Tuesday 3/31

10:00–10:30 am — Ages 2–3 years. Click here to join Coach Tina!
11:00–11:30 am — Click here to join Coach Autumn! 
12:00–12:30 am — Ages 3–5 years. Click here to join Coach Alexander! 

Thursday 4/2

3:30–4:00 pm — Ages 4–6 years. Click here to join Coach Tina! 

Friday 4/3

12:00–12:30 pm — Ages 3–-5 years. Click here to join Coach Alexander!  

Saturday 4/4

11:00–11:30 am — Click here to join Coach Mica!


Donate to the Coaches!

While classes are free, the Sportball coaches greatly appreciate any donations if you are able. Click here if you would like to donate to the wonderful Sportball staff while they're out of work, like so many others.

They’re thrilled to be able to get back to teaching your kiddos any way possible, and 100% of your donations will be distributed to the amazing Sportball coaches and office manager. Thank you!!! 

Thank you for your support

Together, we will overcome this worldwide challenge and we are happy to be in a position to contribute a bit of relief and happiness to our local Austin community.

Thank you for supporting local small business, it really does matter, especially at times like these.

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