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20 Pools In And Around Austin That Are Open in September

Kids are back in school, summer is considered to be over, pools and splash pads are closed. Or maybe not?

Here’s a list of pools that are open during the month of September or even until late October. Read on.

By Birgit Sund on September 5, 2017

Pools In and Around Austin

According to Austin's meteorologist Bob Rose, in February, more than half the days surpassed 80 degrees and March was the warmest March on record at Austin’s main weather station, Camp Mabry. He predicts that temperatures in spring and early summer will be at least 2 degrees to 3 degrees warmer than average.

What does that mean? We need places to cool off! Thankfully, there are over 60 pools in the 512 that allow us to do exactly that. Here's your list.

By Birgit Sund on April 19, 2017

Splash Pads In and Around Austin

Spring has sprung, temperatures are in the mid-70’s to mid-80’s. Warm enough for splash pad season, don’t you think? But, we’re not quite there yet. While the Georgetown and Round Rock splash pads open in April and March respectively, all other splash pads open the beginning of May.

Anyhoooo, here’s your list.

By Birgit Sund on March 22, 2017