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Learn fun hoop tricks and circus fundamentals like juggling, poi, clown make up, and more

Mad About Hoops Online Classes

So, I was looking for a fun way to keep my kids active at home and I came across Mad About Hoops, a hula hoop enrichment program, taught by two lovely ladies, Amy and Madison, in Houston and Denver. Like so many businesses offering classes and activities for kids, Mad About Hoops was negatively impacted by the current situation. However, Amy and Madison got creative and put together several virtual class options, live as well as pre-recorded, that kids and adults can enjoy from the safety of their home.   

And guess what? Exactly. I signed my girls up for a hula hoop class!

Mad About Hoops Circus Camp

Hula Hoops & Circus Camp

We decided to go with the Hula Hoops & Circus Camp. It includes 8 days of hoop lessons, 2 full routines, crafts, circus lessons and stories each day. This is a pre-recorded program and allows us to take a lesson whenever we want and to go back to any of the previous lessons and tricks we’ve learned.

Each lesson is about 45 minutes long and starts with a stretch and warm up with Miss Madison followed by hoop tricks and combos. There's a beginner and an intermediate lesson. Although, we are beginners, we do both. And yes, I'm doing the camp with the my girls. Hula hooping is just super fun and according to Madison, this class will improve balance and coordination while burning up to 400 calories per hour, woohoo!

Mad About Hoops Circus Camp Class Outside

We then move on to circus fundamentals like juggling, poi, clown make up, crafts and more with Miss Amy. Definitely challenging, but also lots of fun. If you don’t have juggling balls and poi, don’t worry. Miss Amy shows you how you can diy juggling balls and pois with items you can find around your house, e.g. socks, scarves, etc.

Miss Amy also does circus stories and crafts, which my girls at 7 and 9 think they're too old for, so we skip those. For this part, you’ll need a printer along with basic crafting supplies (glue, scissors, and colors or makers).

Price: $129

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Here is a sneak peek video of the hoops and circus course.



In this pre-recorded hula hoop masterclass, you will be guided step-by-step through 30+ tricks in the 'Isolations and Illusions' family - those super fancy, magical looking hoop tricks.

Each trick will be explained in a comprehensive tutorial, complete with troubleshooting, slow motion and additional variations of each move plus helpful tips and combos.

Tricktionary is perfect for hoopers of all ages and skill levels.

Just like the Hula Hoops & Circus Camp, once you’ve purchased the class, you get instant access and keep the course material forever.

All you need for this class is a hula hoop.

Price: $44.99

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Mad About Hoops

About the instructors Amy and Madison

Between the two of them, Amy and Madison have over 18 years of professional hula hoop experience, and they have performed at amazing events like 'SuperBowl Live' and countless halftime shows for NBA & MLS games. In addition to performing, the tow ladies love sharing their love and knowledge of hooping, and they have taught thousands of students over the years.


To register for a class, visit Mad About Hoops.

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