How to Find the Right Summer Camp for Your Child

Things to consider when choosing a camp for your little one

It’s hard to believe, but it’s already time to think about summer camps. Registration for summer camps is open and many camps are known to fill up fast.

Whether your child is a first-time camper or a summer camp-pro, here are some things to consider when looking for the right camp for your little camper.

What is your child interested in?

Would you like to keep your child learning throughout the summer break?
Is your child adventurous and loves the outdoors?
Are you looking for a camp that ‬helps spark your kid's creativity, problem-solving skills, and imagination?
Does your child want to tap into the world of music?
Would you like the camp to be a faith-based camp?
Does your child need special assistance?

Are you looking for a day camp or an overnight camp?

Ask yourself whether your kids (and you) are ready to spend time away from home, or whether you and your child prefer to register for a day camp. 

What is your preferred camp location?

Are you looking for a camp that is close to your home or work place? If you decided on an overnight camp, what camp distance from your home are you comfortable with?

What camp dates and times are you looking for?

What dates do you want to send your child off to camp? Are you looking for a half-day or full-day camp? Morning or afternoon? Do you need extended care?

What is an age-appropriate camp for your child?

Typically, camps are catered towards a specific age group. Which age group would you like your child to be in? Would you like your child to be around children of the same age only or are you comfortable with your child attending a camp with older kids?


What price are you willing or able to pay?

Camp prices depend on all of the above. Some camps offer scholarships, early-bird and siblings discounts. Camps for children with special needs or lower income families are often offered at no or minimum cost. What is the maximum price you want to spend on a camp?

Find the Right Camp for Your Child

Once you’ve discussed and determined your family’s camp requirements, use our super parent-friendly, easy and quick to use Camp Guide to find the right camp for your child.

Our Camp Guide allows you to search for camps by interest (e.g. arts, music, sports, outdoors, etc.), camp type (i.e. day or overnight camp), camp location, camp dates, age of campers, and price.

Make your kiddo a happy camper: 

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