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Napa Flats Wood-Fired Kitchen review on April 17, 2016
Wooden Playscape, Outdoor Seating, & Excellent Food
This restaurant opened recently (I think) and features excellent food and they have a big wooden playscape/playground outside that is split between it and Redfin Seafood Restaurant. You can eat outside and let your kids release some energy on the playscape. We've been there twice and both of our restaurant experiences were awesome. They describe their food as "Californian with an Italian flare." We highly recommend the Filet Kebab, Pizza, and Steak Flat. Their pizza is hand-tossed and cooked in a wood–fired grill. They also have an in-house pastry chef who makes all of their own gelato. It really reminded us of the gelato we get in Europe. Kids get a free gelato with their kids meals. On our first experience there, during lunch, our kids were given a doughball and pizza toppings so that they could make their own little pizza while we waited and then they fired it up and cooked it for them. Needless to say, they loved it and that's simply an awesome idea by them.
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Central Market review on April 17, 2016
Awesome Playscape
If you are new to Austin and haven't made it to Central Market, you're missing out. Their children's playscape/playground outside is huge with an area for smaller kids (1-3). You can get delicious food from their cafe and eat outside on their large patio. Just be warned that on weekends, this place can be extremely busy.
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I'm interested to hear when other parents felt their child was old enough to attend their first music concert (with them)? I'm always sort of surprised when I attend a concert in Austin and see younger children with their parents. So what do you feel is a good age and what was your child's first concert?

Any parents have their children attending the Children's Learning Adventure center in Cedar Park and if so, how is it going? They are fairly new to Cedar Park (opened in December 2015 I think) so curious if the new teachers and staff are going through growing pains or have it under control.

We always find ourselves several times a year going to Marble Falls whether it be to Sweet Berry Farms, Walkway Of Lights, or something else. However, we have yet to find a restaurant in Marble Falls that has a playscape for kids. Does one exist?

This book is a really funny and cute way to teach your children the alphabet. Each letter in the alphabet is associated with a word that has a unique story. The illustrations are great and the our kids never get bored with the book.

The book can also be a great way to practice memory. After you've read the book a few times, instead of just flipping the pages, have your children say what the next letter is, prior to turning the page, and see if they remember the word that starts with that letter.

When I dream of ABC will take children on a magical journey of discovery and will help them to learn the alphabet as they meet the inhabitants of an enchanted dreamworld.

An example is, "W is for Witch." "Witches have terrible eyesight and spend all of their time flying on brooms. Because of this, their kitchen floors tend to be rather messy."

Time: 10-15 minutes.

I told our daughter of 3, who was obnoxiously chewing with her mouth open, to please chew with her mouth closed.

Her response, "Hey, just worry about eating your own food."

We were driving with our 3 year old who stated, “We haven’t went to a planet yet.” This came to our surprise, as we didn’t know she knew what a planet was. Here’s how the rest of the conversation went.

Dad: “Which planet do we need to go to?”

Daughter: “The big one.”

Dad: “But we’re already on a planet, the planet Earth.”

Daughter: “No Dad, we’re in a car.”

Dad: “Yes, but the car is driving on the planet.”

Daughter: “No Dad, the car is driving on wheels.”