• When I Dream of ABC - by Henry Fisher

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    This book is a really funny and cute way to teach your children the alphabet. Each letter in the alphabet is associated with a word that has a unique story. The illustrations are great and the our kids never get bored with the book.

    The book can also be a great way to practice memory. After you've read the book a few times, instead of just flipping the pages, have your children say what the next letter is, prior to turning the page, and see if they remember the word that starts with that letter.

    When I dream of ABC will take children on a magical journey of discovery and will help them to learn the alphabet as they meet the inhabitants of an enchanted dreamworld.

    An example is, "W is for Witch." "Witches have terrible eyesight and spend all of their time flying on brooms. Because of this, their kitchen floors tend to be rather messy."

    Time: 10-15 minutes.