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Fidget spinners, infinite folding cubes, squishy balls, spiky finger rings, Rubik's cube puzzles, FinGears magnetic rings

Fidget Toys

Fidget toys here, fidget toys there, fidget toys are everywhere. Fidget toys are definitely the toy of 2021. Our kids have asked for fidget toys for their birthdays and even bought fidget toy sets with their own money. They take them to school, where they do “fidget toy trading” during recess and come home with a bunch of new fidgets every day. As a matter of fact, our kids’ schools just banned fidget toy trading because it just got too crazy.

Anyway, to me, many of them are just a bunch of plastic that makes noise and sooner or later breaks and ends up in the landfill.

However, among all the pop-its, marble mashes, wacky tracks, squeeze beans, stretchy strings, simple dimples, and many more, there are a few that even I like:

Fidget Spinners

WHat can I say? They’re just fun.

Infinite Folding Cubes

Infinite folding cubes
– so relaxing.

Squishy Balls

squishy balls.
I love squishy balls. We even made our own out of transparent balloons and colorful orbeez (warning: the DIY can pop occasionally…)

Spiky Finger Rings

Spikey finger rings
They feel so good. I’d actually walk around with them.

Rubik's Cube

Rubik's Cube
Finally one the kids have to use their brains for!


Same as the above. Great to train your brain.

Fingears magnetic rings

FinGears Magnetic Rings

Another one that’s really fun and that turbocharges the kids' imagination, train their motor skills, and - with some practice - allows them to do cool tricks or even play games with friends, are FinGears magnetic rings. You can rotate them, stick them together into shapes, whirl, manipulate, carry, and spin them.

The rings come in 3 sizes, small 16mm, medium 19mm, and large 21mm. We got the small 16mm rings for our kids. They’re still a little small for our 8 year old, but our 11 year old is already becoming a pro. Check out her video below.

Additional videos and tips and tricks on the FinGears website, Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Fingears magnetic rings

Here is what my daughter says:

Hi, as you can see, I love fidgets. They are so fun! Pop-its, stress balls, infinity cubes, simple dimples, etc. I would have given fidgets a 7/10. But then my mom got me these FinGears for my birthday, and I fell in love with them. You can do so many cool tricks and show them off to your friends. You can learn more and more tricks everyday and it's challenging, but fun to play with. I learn and teach myself new tricks almost everyday. I have a whole tub full of fidgets, and these FinGears are definitely one of my favorite fidgets I have! It takes practice but you’ll get there. I would rate them 10/10! They are so cool! :) 

Fingears magnetic rings

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