Brand New Card Games - The Goodge Rules, Spoons and a Spork, Scorzo

Perfect for Spades, Spoons, Rummy lovers

Regal Games gave us a sneak peek at their new card games – a take on classic games with a new twist. We'll be travelling soon and these games are light and fit perfectly in our backpack. We're looking forward to try them!

The Goodge Rules

The Goodge Rules™

First up is The Goodge Rules. This is an entertaining, electrifying game with a different spin on a century-old family tradition: Spades.
It is a bidding game of strategy, wit, and luck, made of quality poker-sized cards.

The Goodge Rules
The Goodge Rules is for 3-4 players, ages 8+.

Good old Spades, looking forward to trying this version!

Spoons and a Spork

Spoons and a Spork™

Spoons and a Spork is a twist on the classic game Spoons, but this time with a spork in the mix! Collect four of a kind and race to scoop up the spoons… but watch out for that spork! This quality family game is easy to learn and exercises those fast reflexes!

Spoons and a Spork
Spoons and a Spork is for 3-8 players, ages 8+.

I do not know Spoons, so this is new to me and I'm very eager to play it!



Scorzo takes the game of rummy and turns it on its head! This fun and easy game brings a new strategy with every round.

Draw cards, discard, and try to build your best hand.Try to win big, but don’t get stuck with too many points!

Scorzo is for 2-6 players, ages 8+.

We love Rummy and play it all the time with our kids, so we can't wait to try out this new game.

All games are available online, however, check with your local toy stores first! Happy playing!

About Regal Games

For over 80 years, Regal Games has designed and developed classic family games with old-world quality craftsmanship and new games with an old-world twist.  The family-owned Regal Games, headquartered in St. Charles, IL outside of Chicago: was founded in 1940 and the company continues to innovate and grow in new categories and develop games that families will love forever.


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