4th Annual Austin Birth Awards

The Austin Birth Awards are back!

The Austin Birth Awards recognizes birth professionals in the Greater Austin area who go above and beyond to provide quality care for the women of Austin.

Awards categories include:

  • Best Midwife or Midwifery Practice
  • Best OBGYN or OBGYN Group
  • Best Pediatrician or Pediatric Practice
  • Best Naturopathic Doctor
  • Best Family Chiropractor
  • Best Lactation Consultant or IBCLC Practice
  • Best Acupuncturist or Acupuncture Practice
  • Best Birth Doula or Doula Practice
  • Best Postpartum Doula or Doula Practice
  • Best Massage/ or Movement Therapist
  • Best Cranio Sacral or Body Work Therapist
  • Best Herbalist
  • Best Placenta Encapsulation Service
  • Best Breastfeeding Class
  • Best Birth/Baby Prep Class
  • Best Hospital to Deliver a Baby (baby friendly and mother friendly practices)
  • Best Birth Center
  • Best Prenatal/Postpartum Fitness Provider
  • Best Maternity/Baby Retail Store
  • Best Consignment Sale or Resale Store
  • Best Birth/Baby Photographer
  • Best Mom/Baby Group/Parenting Support Group
  • Best Resource For Special Needs Babies
  • Best Local Parenting Resource (website, blog, magazine)
  • Best Nanny/Babysitting Agency
  • Best LGBTQ Resource
  • Best Postpartum Depression/Family Counseling Resource
  • Best Fertility Specialist
  • Best Resource for New Dads
  • Best Adoption or Surrogacy Agency
  • Best Alternative Medicine Practitioner (Naturopath/Homeopath/Ayurveda)

The 2017 Austin Birth Awards nomination period will last from August 1-15, 2017. All nominations will be considered and the top 4 in each category will move on to the finalist round.
Of course - and even though we probably won't stand a chance to win since we are a small, one-Mama business that wants to help other new and new-to-Austin parents navigate through the maze of parenting in Austin -  we would absolutely love to be nominated for Best Local Parenting Resource (wink, wink)...

Voting for all Austin Birth Awards 2017 finalists will last from September 4-18, 2017. Awards will be announced at the Birth Awards Ceremony on September 29, 2017 and posted for the public to see October 1, 2017.

Thank you in advance for nominating and voting for us and all the awesome birth professionals in the Greater Austin area.

If you want to show them or any other businesses that do not fall under any of the categories above, some extra love, please leave a review for them on the bottom of their listing in our business directory. Simply search by name or browse through the categories.

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