21 Kid-friendly Gyms and Fitness Studios In and Around Austin

How many of you vowed to do more for body and soul this year? Congratulation, that's awesome!

Now – FYI: we’re already 1 week into 2017 -, how many of you have been using the excuse "It's impossible for me to work out with kids."?
We're sorry, but that's not an excuse. Call us traitors or backstabbers, but we've gathered over 20 kid-friendly Gyms and Fitness Studios that either offer kids classes or child care, which allows you to keep your New Year's resolution.

Almost all facilities offer a Kids Club or child care where kids engage in fun, age-appropriate activities as well as in supervised play and crafts.

Some studios offer children’s classes and sports activities such as Baseball, Martial Arts, Soccer, Swimming, Tumbling/Gymnastics/Cheerleading, Volleyball, Yoga, or even Painting/Drawing, Theater/Acting/Improv, or Cooking classes.

You see? With all of that, you’ll easily get in an hour or more of exercising.

Now get off the couch, the phone, the tablet, the computer, or stop whatever you’re doing, throw yourself in your sporties, grab your tennis shoes and kids and check in to one of these places.

Know any of those places? Can you recommend (or not) any of them? Find your gym and share your experience on the bottom of the listing.

Did we miss any gyms that either offer child care or children classes? Tell us.

Looking for fun sports activities for your child only? Check out our list of over 300 places that offer anything from Aerial Arts to Zumba for kids.

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