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Inflatable Wonderland review on September 7, 2019
Better than expected, but it's a 'No' for me
We had a playdate here when my son was 5 years old. It was calmer and cleaner than I had expected. The boys both had a great time and kept themselves busy. There were also some areas for parents to sit if desired, and all were well within view of the kids. There are some inflatables marked off for 3 years and younger, which is nice for the real littles. The negatives (IMO): There are extra rides inside that take coins and are not included in the price of admission. And, of course, the kids want to do these! Also, there is a check-in/check-out process, but they were so busy when we left that no one checked us out (despite 2 people present at the counter at the time). We even waited extra long to see if someone was going to check. Despite an overall good experience, this was actually a deal breaker for me.
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