Alamo Drafthouse Kids Camp - Iron Giant

June 12-16, 2016
10:00-12:00 PM
For adults and kids ages 3 - 12
Paid admission
General Info
Alamo Drafthouse Kids Camp is back! Every summer, Alamo Drafthouse screens super cheap movies for kids ages 3-12 years.

Ticket prices are $1-$3 (your choice) and 100% of ticket sales are donated to local nonprofits, incl. ATX Kids Club, Creative Action, Ruby’s Rainbow, Without Regrets Foundation.

About Iron Giant:
The Iron Giant has plenty of the kind of cartoon action that most kids love: a giant robot under attack; buildings, trains, and cars crashing; futuristic weapons firing; Hogarth, the boy hero, creeping through a dark forest looking for "trouble"; a boat caught in a storm; spooky music; and an arrogant, mean-spirited villain who threatens everyone and everything that's important. It also includes a poignant moment when a deer is shot. The filmmakers bring a point of view to the events, hoping to instruct, explain, and offer thought-provoking ideas through which kids can view the action (i.e. "guns kill," the collateral damage of paranoia, and taking responsibility for our choices). One character smokes a pipe throughout the movie, and one smokes a cigarette (accurate for the movie's '50s setting). "Hell" is said a few times, and Hogarth gives the villain a dose of laxative, which humorously results in trips to any bathroom he can find.

Location & Contact Info

Alamo Drafthouse Lakeline
14028 N US Highway 183
Cedar Park, TX 78613

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