• Looking for playful sports activities for preschoolers in Cedar Park

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    I'm looking for sports activities for preschooler in Cedar Park that focus on play rather than on teaching skills.

    My daughter was in a volleyball program when she was 3 and all they did was teaching them the basic volleyball skills, i.e. bump, set, and spike. Way too early for a 3-year old, in my opinion. I expected it to be more playful, e.g. throwing the ball over the net, catching the ball, etc.
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    Check out Sportball! It's a multi sport program teaching young children the basics of eight different sports in a fun and creative way. They will learn a bump in volleyball class but they will think their elephant trunk is pushing the ball. Lots of fun stories for engagement. Www.sportball.us
    In CP check out the Traviso class on Saturday