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Whether you are a Mom or Dad, a Grandparent or a caregiver, an Austin newcomer, an expecting, first-time, or been-there-done-that parent, we all want the best for our kids. However, we sometimes just don’t know where to start, where to look, and where to find the help we need in order to pick out the right daycare or preschool, to decide on where to send our kids to dance class or soccer practice, how to find a pediatrician or a specialist, where to get ideas for our little one’s birthday party, or to simply exchange experiences with other Moms and Dads.

That’s why we, Mom and Dad of two pre-school aged girls, have spent our already short nights on Live Grow Play Austin for the past year and we are extremely excited to finally launch our baby.

So here’s what Live Grow Play Austin’s all about:

  • Live Grow Play Austin Directory: Find health and childcare providers, schools, camps, arts, music, sports, and other things to do in the 512. Best thing: you can search by age, category, and location.
  • Live Grow Play Austin Ratings and Reviews: Was that restaurant kid-friendly? How's your day care, pediatrician, or summer camp? Rate and review everything listed in the directory and contribute to making Austin’s parents’ and caregivers’ lives a little easier.
  • Live Grow Play Austin Community: Ask questions, provide answers, make new friends, get the scoop, buy and sell, or just join in on the conversations of Moms and Dads and caregivers just like you.


We can’t wait to see what y’all think of Live Grow Play Austin, to read your recommendations, to learn about your experiences, and to grow a great online community that helps each other out with anything kids-related in the great city of Austin and surroundings.

What more can we say? Live. Grow. Play. Every day.

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