Kid-friendly, Wallet-friendly, and Parent-friendly Restaurants In and Around Austin

Restaurants with playgrounds and free kids meals in Austin

Where did the feeling of relaxation go and where did this anxiety come from when dining out?
Why does eating out all of a sudden take twice as long although I’m eating twice as fast?
And how in the world did eating out get so expensive?

Ah, yes – we have kids now!
So, the question is: How to enjoy your meal with kids outside of your home?

Unfortunately, not all restaurants embrace children and just the fact that a restaurant has a kids menu or outside seating, doesn’t necessarily make it kid-friendly (we know you're just kidding, El Arroyo, we just love your signs!).

We therefore have compiled a list of kid-friendly, wallet-friendly, and parent-friendly restaurants in and around Austin, based on the following equations:

Kids eat free = Wallet-friendly

Kids Playscape = Kid-friendly

Wallet-friendly and/or Kid-friendly = Parent-friendly

If you've dined at any of those restaurants - successfully or not - why don't you leave a review for other peace-and-sanity-seeking parents out there? And if we're missing any restaurant, please let us know.

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